SKT T1 Bang: "I want to keep winning until we win the World Championship"


On March 7th (KST), Day 25 of 2017 LCK Spring Split started with the match between SK Telecom T1 and Jin Air Green Wings.

SKT T1 ended the match with a 2-0 record as Junsik "Bang" Bae picked his signature champion Ezreal in both games and put heavy pressure on the opponent with well-aimed skillshots.

Here is our interview with Junsik "Bang" Bae.

Congratulations on your win today. How do you feel?

We didn't get a chance to take a single day off for two weeks because of the hectic schedule including the 'Telecom Derby', and I'm glad that we are taking a day off after winning today's match. My parents run a barbershop, so I think I'll get a haircut from them.

You've made some mistakes in Game 1. What feedback have you received afterwards?

He wasn't really upset about the mistakes, but he did tell us to think about what I've done wrong in Game 1.

You allowed JAG to pick Malzahar in Game 2. What was the reason behind it?

We thought it was worth letting them have Malzahar as long as we get other good champions in return.

Can you tell us how to be good with Ezreal?

Ezreal is just simply too good nowadays. I think you can have good result with him even in solo queues as long as you don't go up against Varus. However, you will need to be really good at aiming Mystic Shot. Since Mystic Shot goes well with Fresh Blood mastery, you'll need to keep that in mind when harassing.

Does Ezreal being the only high-mobility AD carry set him apart from other AD carries in meta?

Having high mobility means that you can do something that other champions with low mobility cannot. Also, since other champions often have another strong offensive ability in place of Ezreal's Arcane Shift, I consider Arcane Shift as an offensive ability as well. If you use blinks just to escape, you are doing it wrong.

Jinsung "Teddy" Park often thought to be as a super-rookie. Were you nervous by any chance?

I always think that my opponents are good players. Although it might be different for other players, all that matters to me is to minimize my own mistakes.

You are on a 6-match winning streak. How far do you think you'll go?

I want to keep winning until we win the finals of the World Championship, so I'll keep practicing with my team's victory in mind.

Jaewan "Wolf" Lee was caught several times in this match, preventing the team from snowballing more. Do you think he could have done better?

I really don't mind because by that point, we usually did everything that we needed to do. The games would have ended in our favor if we initiated a teamfight, so the time was on our side anyway. Besides, JAG couldn't take advantage of catching Wolf by taking vital objectives. Of course, Wolf says that he could have done better.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else to share?

I'm glad that we've managed to win today's match, and, of course, the Telecom Derby. Everything is going well for us, so I hope it can be the same for you. Thank you for cheering for us!

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