Team Liquid signs Spawn and Kold as Academy head coach and LCS positional coach


After the 2020 season, Team Liquid announced the departure of much of their coaching staff, including head coach, Jang "Cain" Nu-ri, who was with the org since 2017, bringing them their four titles all back to back through 2018 and 2019. This off-season, they announce two new members to their coaching staff, Jake "Spawn" Tiberi and Jonas "Kold" Andersen.


This summer, Liquid signed former Riot broadcast member, Joshua "Jatt" Leesman, as their head coach, helping to right the team from their ninth-place finish this spring to make it to Worlds. In their recent episode of The Liquid Update, Jatt explained that he came onto the team without his own staff. With the two coaches joining him now, though, Jatt will go into the 2021 season with a staff suited to him and his needs as they prepare to bring in another Liquid title.



Like Jatt, Spawn was previously a member of the Riot broadcast, mainly for the recently closed down OPL. This past year, however, Spawn was the head coach for the second-place finisher, ORDER. His team lost in the finals to Legacy, who represented the region for the last time at Worlds 2020. With Spawn's history both as a caster and in the OPL, he is a strong candidate for working with newer, fresher players that still need some time developing. Also, because of the new rule allowing OPL pros to be considered non-imports in NA, the LCS should likely see an influx of more OCE players, and Spawn will know them much more intimately than most of the NA staff members, giving him another big strength in understanding the overall talent pool in 2021. 


Kold hails from EU as a former jungler for multiple European teams, but he also spent time in NA previously on Enemy and C9 Eclipse (when he was known as Trashy). He was a strong jungler, and according to Jatt, ended his time as a player from a high point, meaning he still has a bunch of knowledge and understanding of the game. Also according to Jatt, he is a former player that actually has a lot of ambition to become a coach, not just one collecting a paycheck. He was also a remote positional coach for TL at Worlds and thus has previous experience working with Jatt and the other TL staff. 



Along with the two coaches, Liquid has promoted their previous Academy coach, Evandro "Yaltz" de Cerqueira, to their head analyst position. He is one of the few members staying on the staff along with Jatt and Kang "Dodo" Jun-hyeok. The updated coaching staff now consists of Jatt as head coach, Kold as positional/strategic coach, Yaltz as analyst, Spawn as Academy/amateur coach, Dodo as general manager, and Fasffy to team manager. 


Follow here for updates with interviews and content with the new Liquid staff coming next week.


Images by Team Liquid

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