Spider-Man: Miles Morales brings to life his trademark... Adidas?!


Miles Morales perches on the edge of a glass skyscraper. He leans out, knowing that he must take a leap of faith to become the hero, to be more than what others have defined him as. Blackway and Black Caviar’s “What’s Up Danger?” starts echoing. Miles inverts over the city, approaching their fate at terminal velocity. Their web-shooters fire up, past his hoodie, past the Spider-Man suit, past his red leather… Adidas?!


Well, apparently Insomniac, Playstation, and Marvel have all teamed up with the shoe company to replace Morales’s Air Jordan 1s. The shoes were so iconic that Nike did a special release, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG (Origin Story). These crossover-event Adidas give a radioactive spider-bite to the Superstar silhouette, which is in its 50th year of production. A bright red leather upper is cupped by the model’s trademark rubber shell-toe and cupsole. Miles Morales branding sits on the heel, while a Playstation lace-lock.


Not only can Miles rock these shoes in the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but you’ll be able to snag real-life versions of the shoes from Adidas on November 19th (December 4th in Europe). Both versions look identical, but there will be a high-top version of the shoe available in-game as well. 


Chun-Li in her Onitsuka shoes.


Shoe crossovers have become more and more frequent in games, with Street-Fighter partnering with Onitsuka for a pair of shoes early last year. This pair of Tigers came in two colorways, with dragon detailing across the upper, and arrived with an exclusive download code to deck out the Interpol officer to represent the brand in-game. Despite our best attempts, we weren’t able to grab these, forcing us to make the challenging decision of which of her other 23 costumes we want to fight in.



How do you feel about Adidas ret-conning Miles’ kicks? Let us know on social media.

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