(G)-IDLE Soyeon streamed League of Legends live as Akali



Korean pop mega-star Soyeon, from the musical group (G)-IDLE, has once again taken on the Summoners Rift. During a live YouTube Gaming broadcast on the official (G)-IDLE channel, she played League of Legends live to over 11,000 fans.


Unsurprisingly, the pop-star picked Akali, the champion she voices in K/DA and True Damage songs. Sporting the True Damage skin, she made bold plays, diving into Zed, tackling four enemies at once, and terrorizing enemies by hunting them down screaming.


Soyeon sported a graphic tee with Ahri front and center, promoting her latest participation as Akali in K/DA’s recently launched EP, ALL OUT. Both Soyeon and Miyeon returned for the virtual K-pop group’s return, performing in the track “MORE”.


Representing Ahri herself, Miyeon appeared briefly and gave us some funny bloopers, singing her part in the song:



Our editorial team watched Soyeon try her best, and we could tell she has the inner rage necessary to succeed in League of Legends. Hopefully, we can watch more of her live streaming in the future!



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