[Exclusive] Fizzy Elemental - Card reveal for Hearthstone: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire


Fizzy Elemental


Class: Druid

Rarity: Rare

Type: Minion (Elemental)

Mana: 9

Stats: 10/10


Rush, Taunt


Developer’s comment


This elemental brings joy and good drink with its bubbly personality. Fizzy Elemental is a great defensive tool and is even better when followed up with a N’Zoth.



Inven’s exclusive card reveal for the new expansion, Hearthstone: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire is a rare druid elemental, “Fizzy Elemental”.


Fizzy Elemental is modeled after the Brew Alemental which appeared in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. They appear mostly in the Stormstout Brewery, but as much as they’re elementals of beer, they also appear in the Brewfest as pets.



Alcohol is almost mandatory in festivals and considering the actions of those who are drunk become quite insane, it’s a character that goes well where the expansion’s title is “Madness at the Darkmoon Faire”. Like its concept, the Fizzy Elemental has Rush and Taunt. It is possible that the card reflects drunken behavior, taunting their surroundings.


However, considering its cost-stat ratio, it’s quite lacking to take up a spot in the deck. The vanilla stats are quite average with 9 mana and 10/10, but usually, players expect more when they place minions that cost 8 or more mana in their decks like having an impactful effect to dominate the field or turn the game around.



The cost and effect are almost the same as Icehowl, which appeared in The Grand Tournament expansion, and like Icehowl, it’ll be difficult to include Fizzy Elemental in the players’ decks.


Of course, if it can appear randomly from an effect from King Phaoris, the 10/10 taunt on the field would be really solid. The problem is that Fizzy Elemental is a Druid card and the only 9 mana Druid spell is Tree of Life, which has already gone to wild. So ironically, it would rather have more chances to appear through Mages’ Conjurer’s Calling.


It is true that if used with N’Zoth, God of the Deep which resurrects friendly minions of each type, you could build a strong field, but the prerequisite is quite difficult.


Overall, it’s a high-cost minion that actually could be used by Druids who can boost their mana quickly, but it would be difficult to include in meta decks as its high cost doesn’t return the value.


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