Enraged T1 fans hire LED truck to protest against recent management


T1 fans started an unprecedented protest about the rumor of Polt and LS joining the team. The start of this issue was Lee “Effort” Sang-ho’s stream leaking the rumor, that it seemed that Choi "Polt" Seong-hun and Nick "LS" De Cesare was joining the team. Polt was a Starcraft 2 player who won several competitions in the scene. After finishing his military service, he had been active as a TFT streamer in the NA but has never been in the LoL scene yet. LS was a commentator in the LCK global broadcast and previously worked as a coach in bbq Olivers, but he was criticized for several issues during his coaching period.


As the rumor spread among fans, T1 made a public announcement. 

However, even with the announcement, it seems that T1 fans are unable to accept. One fan declared that he will be protesting through an LED truck moving around Jongro, where the SK Telecom tower is, and around Gangnam, where T1’s team facility is. Inven was able to track down the truck that stopped in front of the SK Telecom tower, and checked a man coming out of the SKT tower to photograph the truck.


The fan that came to the scene to see the truck said, “I’ve been a T1 fan for a long time, and it’s the first time that I felt uncomfortable that I thought I have to actually take action. I hadn’t been active online in communities or fan cafes, but this time, I felt that I needed to step up. I don’t want to blame any individual or be too angry. Everyone probably would have done things with thought. The problem is that it feels that what T1 has recently been doing includes no thoughts about the fans.”


“This time was the first time I knew that LS had caused problems, but there’s no chance that the team’s office didn’t know about it. The team office should know about the stories that fans don’t know; I have no idea why they’re trying to sign LS who has many issues. They’ve also never answered clearly about the problems fans have been asking. They just say ‘don’t speculate’. All they did recently was make a new facility; it feels that the current T1 has no internal stability. I know that the base of all sports organizations’ profits comes from results. It seems that they’re looking to gain short term profit more than the team’s results.”


T1 had won the 2020 LCK Spring Split championship, but they failed to reach Worlds in the summer after finishing in 5th place. The fans are enraged towards Joe Marsh and the T1 management that the T1 LoL team, especially Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok had to be in nearly 20 advertisements and broadcast programs throughout this year. 

▲ "The rumor of signing an unverified head coach and a controversial coach"
"No future for a team that shuts out devoted fans"
▲ "Do not treat the players as cash cows"

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