Among Us LEGO set is the holiday gift we deserve

Image Source: LEGO IDEAS


LEGO fans are now able to use their creativity to make their own pieces and sets in the LEGO IDEAS platform. User “MinifigInDisguise” has envisioned his own set inspired by Among Us.


The LEGO set “The Skeld”, is based on the hottest social game at the moment, Among Us, where the astronauts try to solve a murder mystery inside a spaceship. The build has five main sections, representing the cafeteria, engine room, reactor room, lobby area, electrical room, and storage room. Players can choose from six crew members, and two pets are included, as well as one ghost.

I began creating this build a while ago and the game has since become widely popular as it deserves to be. The challenge of creating a 2D game into a 3D build was a new experience for me. However, the game converts exceptionally well into LEGO bricks. The build is based on the in-game map 'The Skeld' and features five well-known rooms from the map”, explained the creator.



The project has already gathered over seven thousand supporters, and all eyes are on the current meme game. Hey LEGO, the holidays are here...

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