[Worlds 2020] Suning Press Conference SwordArt: "Even when we were at a disadvantage, I could hear you all cheering for us, and that gave me a lot of strength."


They defied the odds and ruined so many Pick'Ems game after game, series after series, but Suning Gaming finally met their match with the Worlds favorites, DAMWON Gaming, falling 1-3 in the Finals. Suning played a hard-fought series, and to dumb it down to a 3-1 ending would do a disservice to the incredible games they played up until that final Nexus fell. 


After the series, the Suning players spoke with the press about their Worlds run and Finals appearance. 


Watch the press conference here, or read the transcript below.



(To SofM) You have shown so many unexpected and special picks throughout your Worlds journey, and in this best of five you chose Rengar in Game 2. What strategy did you have for that pick?


SofM: Actually for this year, I didn't play Rengar very much, but I played it in scrims against Fnatic. Fnatic chose Evelynn and I used Rengar against it and we had a good result. So in Game 2 when I saw DAMWON chose Evelynn as a blind pick, I felt Rengar was a very good choice. That's why I picked that champion.


(To Bin) This is the first time you played against Nuguri in the top lane, and both of you are known as aggressive players. How did you feel about the laning phase against him? 


Bin: I think Nuguri is not only very good at laning phase, he can also always help out his teammates as well. I think in this series I didn't manage to perform very well, but he performed so well. 


(To coach Chashao) In this series, especially in Games 3 and 4, you seemed to lean on a preference for near full scaling compositions against DAMWON who've shown incredible strength in the early game throughout Worlds. What was the thought process behind the scaling drafts against them? 


Chashao: I think in the second half of our Worlds journey, it felt like the scaling drafts were easier to win the game with. We especially concluded that against JD Gaming and Top Esports. In this best of five, we wanted to speed things up, but they got the Pantheon and Ornn, so it's hard for us to speed up our pace. So I think who got the dominance in the bot laning phase is who would grab the win. 



(To Bin) Congrats on your pentakill and your overall performance throughout the tournament. Can you look back and see a success at Worlds personally and as a team even though you lost?


Bin: I think it's a pity that we lost the game, maybe if I performed better we could have grabbed the win. Although we lost this year, next year we can come back and grab the win. 


(huanfeng) You rose to Worlds Finals less than one year after joining the LPL. What is your takeaway of 2020?


huanfeng: I have learned a lot through this season, but there are still so many things I need to learn in terms of the technology, gameplay, and communication with all my teammates.



(To SwordArt) You came close to winning the championship this year and overperformed expectations when it mattered. What can you take from your experience this year? 


SwordArt: I think I didn't perform that well. If we could've had better synergy today, maybe the result would have changed. 


(To coach Chashao) You were not considered favorites but you made it to the Worlds Finals. What is your overall view of Suning's run? 


Chashao: I think from the very beginning of this year we were not favored by many people, but I must say we have so many talented players on our team. I think it's a pity we didn't have enough time, which is why we are the runner up, rather than the champions. But I think the good thing is we still have a chance to become better and come back next year.


(To Bin) In Game 3 you were in a huge disadvantage in the early game, but you were able to grab a teamfight victory around the Baron pit. Who made the call and what was your thought on that teamfight? 


Bin: We made the call together, and because we were at a huge disadvantage, we had to use a teamfight to make a comeback. It was quite hard for us, but we were able to win that teamfight.


(To Angel) For this Finals, there was a big audience in the arena cheering for you guys, how did you feel about that? And although the result is a pity, all the Suning players grew a lot and made a lot of improvements, so what are your takeaways?


Angel: I think in general we have a very good synergy, but today DAMWON Gaming just performed better than us. And I think next year we should put in more effort to have a better result. 


(To SwordArt) There are so many fans supporting Suning, there are so many LPL fans cheering for you guys, so do you have any words for them?


SwordArt: I want to give my thanks to all of you for your support. In these games, even when we were at a disadvantage, I could hear you all cheering for us, and that gave me a lot of strength. I'm so sorry for the result because it was in our home court, and we didn't manage to grab the win. 



(To coach Chashao) huanfeng and SwordArt both mentioned communication issues in the team, so can you talk more about that. And which aspects do you think the team didn't manage to perform well on?


Chashao: I think for the communication part, they mean both in-game synergy and outside of the game. We still have room to make some improvements. And also, for today's loss, I think it's mostly due to drafts. Because DAMWON Gaming chose drafts that really suit the meta and sometimes we chose drafts that we are good at, but may not have a good result because our opponents are a strong team. 



All images via: Riot Games


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