Highlights: K/DA live performance at Worlds 2020 in Shanghai

Image Source: Riot Games

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship finals has kicked off with a groundbreaking AR performance on the stage of Shanghai’s SAIC Pudong Motor Arena, in Shanghai, China. Opening the tournament’s finals between DAMWON Gaming and Suning, the virtual K-pop group K/DA performed to over 6,000 fans live.




League of Legends mixed the virtual world with live performance, with the live production developed by Riot Games, Lux Machina, and POSSIBLE Productions. The performance used over 4 times the amount of AR tracking cameras as K/DA’s previous appearance in the World Championship of 2018.


Image Source: Riot Games


Louis Vuitton custom trophy case.


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Worlds, one of the biggest highlights of the group’s production this year was the addition of a new participant for the track “MORE”. Seraphine, the game’s newest champion, made a special participation in the track, bringing a new style to K/DA. Piltover’s Rising Star was voiced by Lexie Liu, who performed live on stage with the virtual divas.


Dozens of dancers were present on the stage, choreographed by the internationally renowned dance group “The Kinjaz”. The performers heated up the stage from the moment Akali dropped on stage with her virtual Ducati motorcycle, through the Worlds anthem mashups. Following the performances, players appeared on stage as a massive Galio AR render dropped on stage, and the Summoner’s Cup was revealed in the Louis Vuitton custom trophy case.


K/DA Cosplayers at the arena; Photo by LoL Esports




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