Toxicity slashed by 30% in League of Legends, according to Riot

Riot Games is doing everything they can to curb negative player behavior. Sources: Riot Games


Throughout 2020, Riot Games has put forth a concerted effort to limit the impact a negative League of Legends player's behavior can have on fellow teammates, foes, and the perception of the game's community. Whether it be teammates or foes intentionally feeding, deliberately leaving a game before it concludes or griefing, Riot is not only trying to prevent those actions from happening but punish those who partake and mitigate the losses of those who are dealing with it.


On Friday afternoon, the team released a blog post sharing their next steps to creating a healthier gameplay experience and environment for all. Thus far, Riot has reported that, with their improvements in place, players are 30% less likely to repeat disruptive behavior. The team also noted that they will continue to be testing the "levers" in which negative behavior is detected to provide the best experience possible.


Back in September, the development team announced that they were working on changes to ensure that players who have a teammate who decides to leave, quit or stop playing a game before it has concluded will not experience losses to their LP (in Ranked mode) while severely punishing the offender.



Scheduled to roll out in patch 10.24, Riot Games will implement the following:


  • After 10 minutes of play, when a player is identified as AFK for an extended period of time, there will be a prompt to the team to surrender if they choose.
  • As with remake logic, it will be required that the vote for surrender is unanimous.
  • AFK surrenders will still adhere to LP consolation rules, which are:

For LP consolation changes:


  • LP consolation will be provided to those that are subject to AFK behaviors in their Summoner’s Rift ranked games.
  • LP consolation will take into account multiple variables throughout the game to determine an LP value to provide to players affected by an AFK on their team in the game.
  • LP consolation will not be provided to the AFK or any premade in the AFK player’s team.
  •  LP consolation will be capped week-over-week.


Assuming everything goes according to plan and the above implementations work, Riot Games is looking towards 2021 on the following improvements:


  • Better visibility for those affected into punishments and actions taken against players that are consistently ruining games.
  • Revisit tiered penalty system with the intent of opening up broader ways of addressing a wide range of disruptive behaviors.
  • Exploration into additional ranked solutions including queue specific punishments depending on behavior.
  • Verbal abuse analysis and what it looks like to automate in-game solutions that prevent further harm once a source has been identified.


While identifying negative player behavior is important, the development team also believes that rewarding positive player behavior is valuable as well. Currently, once a game has concluded, teammates can "honor" one another for strong play, communication, etc. but Riot is looking to further expand on that feature later in 2021.

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