[Worlds 2020] SN Bin comments on the victory and shares similarities between him and DWG Nuguri

Source: Riot Games


Another team that was considered to be a favorite to win LoL Worlds 2020 has been knocked out in an upset victory. Suning Gaming defeated Top Esports with a set score of 3-1 in the second semifinal match of the 2020 LoL World Championship and punched their ticket to the grand finals of the tournament.


The top laner for SN Checn "Bin" Ze-Bin joined Jeesun Park on the LCK Broadcast to talk about the victory.



How does it feel to defeat TES, a team that many considered to be one of the favorites to win the tournament?


It feels really good to beat such a strong team like TES, and I’m very excited to play in front of a crowd in the finals.


From playing Jax twice in the series to the Akali pick coming out from Angel, can you tell us what the preparation process was like for this series?


I felt like the losses we suffered against TES was all due to lack of preparation, so for this series, I focused on expanding my champion pool.

It felt like SN was playing to scale, rather than the traditional, LPL-esque skirmish heavy early game. Was this slower-paced approach pre-planned against TES?


The reason why the games felt a lot slower than usual was that I think that both TES and we are very good teams, so it took a lot longer to snowball the game.



You finally get to meet Nuguri, a player that you repeatedly stated that you wanted to meet. Can you tell us what you like about him? Also, now that you have a chance to play against him on the grandest stage, what would you like to say to him?


I feel that we have similar playstyles, and he’s very good at champions that I like to play, as I learned through facing him in solo queue.  I hope that we’ll have a great match in the finals.

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