FANARTFRIDAY 10/23 - Among Us


From the kid next door to congresswomen, the simple yet addictive title “Among Us” has taken the streaming world by force. Over 3.4 million people follow the game on Twitch, and it’s placed “sus” into the mouths of many who wouldn’t have previously found it. So it’s fitting, then, that we focus on this title for this week’s Fan Art Friday.


Carrying a vibe of classic Flash games, “Among Us” is immediately visually recognizable for its simple, hand-drawn style, and easy to digest. For fan artists, this not only allows more people to draw the characters (It’s much easier to draw these tiny astronauts than it is to draw someone from “Genshin Impact”), but gives them more room to expand upon the design of characters if they wish.

Starting things off strong this week is this painterly piece from TheBRStory on DeviantArt. We love the haunting reflection of Red in the reflection of White’s visor, along with the colors used for the artwork. The mottled yellow to the blue of the suit really pops, enhancing the atmosphere of the art nicely.

Rendered in the style of the game, this chaotic call for an Emergency Meeting by FlarinthK captures the feel that gamers have when playing “Among Us.” While many characters are packed into the scene, lighting and contrast still direct the eye to the point of action. Rounding out the piece, numerous Easter eggs are packed into the piece and background, allowing for fun exploration. 



Artist Neytirix is no stranger to creating gaming fan art, but their work around “Among Us” has been some of our faves. In this digital painting, we not only see an awkward moment but get a hilarious title, “Bro it wasn’t me.” Neytirix does a great job of adding realistic anatomy and environment in the art, while still keeping the characters monochromatic. 


This stunning piece from inshoo1 on DeviantArt gets even more realistic, with Red about to meet their fate as the Imposter enters the room. While inshoo1’s talent definitely shines in this piece, their choice to lean into some humor in the art is what puts it on our list. The sprite earrings, the drip of egg on the lower end of the visor, the classic horror-movie reaction on Red’s face—all build out an amazing artwork!

A piece of traditional art, we’re blown away by this fan art from Nach0ta! The attention to line work and a strong grasp of contrast gives a comic-book feel to the art, while the yellow background adds a pop-art lean. Using the canvas to their advantage, the slight rise of the page helps exaggerate the depth of the piece, pushing the character on the right into the foreground, making the spike through their visor even more impactful.


Crystalequus designed their “Among-Us-sona” original character and created this awesome character sheet on DeviantArt. This sheet features everything you may need to know about the character, from what their favorite accessories are to what character traits they present. “Always sus” seems just about right…

Look out behind you, Yellow! We’ve followed TheBakaArts’s 3D work for years, and they didn’t let us down with this cinematic version of “Among Us.” The star here is obviously the insanely detailed environment. While the characters are also packed with detail, their surroundings help truly set the scene, transporting the viewer into a science-fiction world, where a murder will soon stain the orderly scenery. 

Thanks for checking out all the amazing art this week for #FanArt Friday, and we hope that you’ll stick with us next week for more awesome gaming art content! Is there a game you want to see art around? Let us know! 



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