Madness at the Darkmoon Faire confirmed as the next Hearthstone expansion, includes system update, Duels game mode

▲ The Old Gods have returned to Hearthstone. Images via Blizzard


Chaos, pandemonium and a little bit of fun were announced on Thursday morning as Blizzard Entertainment revealed their upcoming Hearthstone expansion titled Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.


Scheduled to go live on November 17, players will be able to summon the Old Gods once again to go along with a 170 card set, the largest in the game's history. Traditionally, Hearthstone expansions release the full set of cards all at once but for the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, things are changing. Mid-way through the expansion's life cycle, a 35 card mini set will launch that will build off of existing content while keeping players excited for something new.


According to the game's development team, this will become a staple feature going forward.


As is tradition, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire has a unique keyword/mechanic tied to the set which is called "corrupt." If a card has corrupt, all a player needs to do is play a card with a higher mana cost than it and it will transform in a player's hand into an upgraded version of it.


The cards that were revealed today for the upcoming expansion are as follows:



System Update


▲ The reward system has been revamped.


Shortly after Hearthstone launched back in 2014, players asked the development team if there was a way to track achievements, earn more rewards outside of daily quests and have a HUB designated strictly for progress. After six years, the time has come.


During the reveal stream, members of the game's development team touched on features coming to the system revamp and profile page that is set to go live once the upcoming expansion does. Player's daily quests will not only award gold but experience towards the new Reward Track that unlocks additional goodies such as upgradable hero portraits, legendary cards, and much, much more. Daily quests are also being expanded into the Hearthstone Battlegrounds game mode and the newly announced game mode, Duels.


More information on the above updates can be found here.


It's time to Duel!



Starting as early as today with a pre-order of the  Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, Hearthstone players can channel their inner Yugi Mutou and challenge players around the world to a duel. The final bit of information revealed in the live stream was the brand new game mode, Duels, which is set to go live for non-pre-order players on November 12.


The game mode, which combines elements of Arena and Dungeon Run, allows players to create a 15-card starter deck (with cards from their collection) with a Scholomance Academy professor of their choice and battle against opponents using that deck and unique Hero Power. After each match, they are provided a choice of three bundles of cards they can add to their deck and continue fighting. However, just like in Arena, three losses and you're out.


For those who want to play the mode casually, there is a game mode with no entry fee or rewards associated with the number of wins you can rack up. For the price of an Arena ticket (or new Duel ticket) or 150 gold, players can participate in a Heroic Duel for rewards similar to the ones offered in Arena currently.


More information on the game mode can be found here.

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