Garmin launches its GPS Smart Watch "Instinct" in special esports edition


The following has been sent to Inven Global as Press Release.



Leading GPS manufacturer Garmin is taking a step into the esports world with Gaming Instinct Esports Edition.  Incorporating health, fitness, and smart functionality, the device will help gamers track the way their bodies behave during gameplay.


The device has "Dedicated Esports Activity", in which users can track their heart rate and stress during play and after to figure out how their body responds to intense competition and make adjustments in their daily life. Cumulative data housed on the free Garmin Connect app will also be available for evaluation. This again gives users the ability to see how to effectively make changes in their daily lives.



Another unique feature is the "Streaming Biometrics" — a new PC streaming tool (called "STR3AMUP!") that works in tandem with the Instinct was developed for the gadget. When using the esports activity, streamers can broadcast heart rate, stress level, and Body Battery, and embed that data into their video stream in real-time, so their audiences can follow along for a unique streaming/viewing experience.



The watch also features marker customization within this PC Stream tool, so if you set your stress level marker to a certain level and it goes over that, an on-screen stream gif would go off. The bold Black and Red design will be available for $299.99.

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