Unleash your inner K-pop star with the K/DA #SINGMORE challenge

Image Source: Riot Games/ K/DA


The official K/DA Music Twitter account continues their quest for creative content submitted by their fans as part of their “Comeback” event. Taking over social media, the #SINGMORE challenge encourages users to unleash their inner K-pop stars by creating their own covers of K/DA songs.



While the musically adept (and tonedeaf, yet confident) have been posting covers of K/DA’s newest single, “The Baddest,” since its official lyric video dropped in late August, this campaign gives users the chance to focus their talent and potentially get seen by a greater audience. To partake in the fun, all one has to do is post their cover using the hashtags #SINGMORE and #KDAMORE. The hashtags have gathered a lot of traction, with over 1000 people sharing their videos. 



The campaign allows Riot to cleverly activate influencers in the music community, bringing awareness of K/DA to a broader audience. Looking at reposts from the official account, it’s easy to spot several collaborations including work with YouTube Creator ShaunTrack, Korean vocalist and YouTuber Raon Lee, and RakuMugetsu who created a beautiful French cover of the song in partnership with Riot.

This follows K/DA’s previous creative prompts #STYLEMORE and #DANCEMORE, getting cosplay and dance submissions from across the globe. #STYLEMORE unlocked a preview of the track “Villain” from the group’s upcoming EP, while #DANCEMORE unlocked a preview for “Drum Go Dum.” #SINGMORE will most likely unlock a tease of “I’ll Show You” as we get closer to the release of the Official Music Video for “More” on October 28th.


What covers or contributions have you been enjoying in the #KDAMORE challenges? May we point you towards this masterful cover by Saesong?


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