Hearthstone team announces upcoming event featuring new game mode, expansion, systems

▲ Is the Darkmoon Faire the theme of the upcoming Hearthstone expansion? Images via Blizzard


The Hearthstone development and community team is up to something.


On Thursday afternoon, a blog post was shared on the game's official website announcing an upcoming event that is taking place on Thursday, October 22. During the Fall Reveal stream, which begins at 8 a.m. PT, Hearthstone's Game Director Benjamin Lee is revealing "several major announcements." The game's community speculated the last expansion of the year would be shown at the event. But on Friday afternoon, a whole lot more was teased.



Not only was it confirmed that the final expansion during the Year of the Phoenix was being teased/revealed but the playerbase will get to learn more about an upcoming system revamp and game mode as well. In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the Hearthstone development team, Lee said that "a major rework of our rewards and progression systems" was in the works but didn't provide any details other than the following:


"One of our goals for this new system is to allow you to play Hearthstone your way, you won't be tied to playing only Standard or Wild in order to obtain the majority of the games’ economic rewards anymore."


It has been speculated within the game's official subReddit and on social media platforms that a potential "battle pass" could be coming as part of the system revamp. An increasingly popular progression system in numerous free-to-play titles over the past couple of years, players can earn additional rewards just be playing the game or they can purchase the pass to unlock even more goodies.


While there have not been any teases as to what the new game mode could be, the Hearthstone community has been asking for a way to play the game competitively within the client for years and could be a direction the development team goes. After seeing the explosive success the most recent game mode, Battlegrounds, has provided the community, the expectations are high.


As for where the development team will take the playerbase in the upcoming expansion, longtime World of Warcraft players know what the teaser image is from and the dark and silly road ahead.


Released in the summer of 2019, the Darkmoon Faire is a gathering of creatures from Azeroth's weirdest and wildest areas for a celebration of all things...odd. Roller coasters, concerts, carousels, and even a petting zoo were all featured in WoW's version so it will be interesting to see what makes it into the collectible card game's client (assuming that is what the expansion is evolving around.)

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