[Worlds 2020] SN SwordArt: "(Huanfeng) will become a player that many will remember in the future."

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In the second quarterfinals match of the 2020 LoL World Championship, Suning Gaming was able to take the upset victory over JD Gaming. With a set score of 3-1, not only did this victory sent SN to the semifinals of the tournament, it also marked the first time that SN defeated JDG in 796 days. The team sat down to answer some questions from media outlets all around the world to talk about their victory in a press conference.


You can watch the press conference here, or read the transcript below:



(To Bin) Where do you rank yourself amongst the top laners at Worlds?


Bin: I think I’m at least in the top 5.


(To SwordArt) There was a moment where you were talking about something with Huanfeng. What did you talk about with him before the series?


SwordArt: I don’t think I talked about anything special. I just said to him, “Let’s play like we’ve been doing in practice.”


(To Huanfeng) After the loss in game 1, you stole LokeN’s Jhin and played him from game 2 to 4. Was it a strategic decision in taking Jhin from JDG? How do you rate your own performance on Jhin tonight?


Huanfeng: Jhin’s a champion that both JDG and we can play very well, so we knew that we had to take Jhin from them. In terms of my own performance on Jhin, I think I just performed on a normal level.


(To SwordArt) Tonight, you hit a new milestone in your career by heading into the semifinals. What’s the motivation behind being one of the best support players in the world for so long, and what would you say the biggest difference from when you were first at Worlds to yourself today?


SwordArt: I think it lies in my passion of wanting to show what I’ve got to the world. I learned how I can be of help to the team. In the past, I didn’t think that being fed as a support didn’t really seem beneficial to the team, but now, I feel that if I get ahead, I need to contribute to the team’s growth.


(To Huanfeng) You worked incredibly hard to be where you’re at right now. How does it feel to defeat one of the tournament favorites?


Huanfeng: I feel incredibly happy, and I’m still shaking from the joy.


(To SwordArt) You stated that there’s been a lot of change since you were paired up with Huanfeng. Can you comment on Huanfeng’s improvement?


SwordArt: He’s an incredibly hard working player. He always gives me this sense of trust that he’ll carry in the late-game. He might not be a player that not many people know about yet, but he’ll become a player that many will remember in the future.


(To SofM) The team tweeted out that it’s been 796 days since they last defeated JDG. Would you consider that luck was more on the side of SN tonight? Or is there a special strategy that the team prepared for this match?


SofM: We’re very familiar with JDG’s playstyle, and they’re opponents that we’re very familiar with. We prepared various team compositions to counter their champion pool and playstyle before tonight’s match.



(To SofM) What would you like to say to all the Vietnamese fans cheering you on?


SofM: Thank you for all the support. I’ve been playing professionally for a long time, and I’m very glad that I’m able to produce great results this year.


(To SofM) Your item builds and champion pool are always very unique. Where does the inspiration come from?


SofM: I try various things from solo queue and in scrims, and if they work, I utilize them on stage.


(To coach Chashao) Generally speaking, most people say that the current meta is not focused around bot lane, but you’ve found a lot of success in enabling Huanfeng. Do you think that bot lane focused strategies are able to find a lot of success in the current meta?


Chashao: I don’t think the current meta is particularly focused around the top side of the map. We believe that the various playstyles of the teams that win dictate the meta.


(To coach Dian) This is the first Worlds appearance for most of the players. How do you think the team grew, and what are some of the expectations for the team?


Coach Dian: Our mid laner, Angel, improved significantly. I think that many people underrated him for a long time because he played more in sacrificing his own resources and contributing to the team’s growth in the game, so I’m very happy that he’s able to prove himself in this international stage. Also, Huanfeng also deserves a shoutout, as he performed a lot better tonight compared to his group stage performances. 


All images via: Riot Games


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