We ordered the Buffalo Wild Wings x League of Legends combo


Buffalo Wild Wings joins forces with League of Legends, appealing once again to hungry esports fans. The partnership comes just in time for LCS fans to savor some chicken wings while watching the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.


Back in 2017, BWW hosted a Fireside Gathering for Hearthstone, with the qualifiers for the Spring Playoffs being held at the restaurant chain. In 2019, Buffalo Wild Wings began an overhaul of their locations with a focus on attracting more gamers with consoles like XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo installed in their MVP rooms, available upon reservation. 


“Updated A/V technology will provide a 'mini-stadium environment,' allowing Buffalo Wild Wings the opportunity to showcase competitive gaming from the MVP room across all screens in the restaurant.”



And though we can’t currently enjoy eating at BWW in person, we can grab a to-go order while we enjoy Worlds 2020! In collaboration with both Riot Games and Red Bull, Buffalo Wild Wings is now offering what’s called the LCS Wing Bundle. 



A special offering from their promo menu, the bundle includes 10 boneless wings, french fries, a can of Red Bull, and a League of Legends Hextech Chest and Key. The only catch is you’ll need to create a BWW account and wait up to 48hrs for an email with code for the Hextech items. I decided to attempt the deal myself over the weekend and though I did get my in-game goodies it wasn’t without a few hurdles.


The first thing you have to do to even be eligible for the promotion is to create a Buffalo Wild Wings account. Easy enough, it’s free. I logged in and attempted multiple times to order the LCS Wing Bundle. Each time I received an error saying french fries were unavailable preventing me from adding the bundle to my cart. RIP. 


I attempted the purchase again on a different browser and from within the BWW app to no avail. I then called my local chain directly and was told it was a site-wide error and that he could take my order over the phone. However, he couldn’t confirm whether I’d receive the League of Legends goodies (also didn’t know what I was talking about) so with a sigh, I masked up and headed out to place my order in person. Make sure when doing so that the cashier takes the phone number associated with your BWW account so you get credit for the purchase. The bundle is specifically called the LCS Wing Bundle, I had to show the cashier a photo from within the app to confirm. As usual, with similar promotions I’ve tried to do in the past, these deals are not properly communicated to the actual customer-facing staff. 


My order was placed Saturday, October 10th at 4:53 pm PT and I received my Hextech code via email on Monday, October 12 at 1:27 pm PT. The email is sent to whichever email you registered with on Buffalo Wild Wings. 



If you’re wondering about the meal? It was...mediocre. My local chain has 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp and I’m not surprised. The seasoning for my wings was super uneven and barely there and after all the hiccups about fries being sold out, kind of feel like I should have picked some up from Wendy’s on the way home. I also had to go back into the restaurant after leaving realizing they forgot to include my Red Bull. On that note, why wasn’t the official Solo Q Red Bull can included? Missed opportunity! 


It’s too bad we all didn’t receive the following press kit to celebrate the Solo Q editions featuring Alistair and Yasuo. 



GLHF on your chicken adventures!



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