[Guide] Top 5 chaos type heroes for Hero Awakening

If you have been following our weekly articles this should come as no surprise that the next Awakening guide will be on Chaos type heroes. If not, I recommend reading on the awakening system here. That said, this guide will focus on the top chaos types that should be prioritized for awakening. As most of you may initially awaken your defense types first for extra sustainability, moving your focus to attack and chaos types next would be highly recommended.


Chaos types, although generally having lower attack stats than attack types, consist of the highest speed units in the game with equally strong potential to snipe enemy units. This makes it important to focus on units that have high base speed so you can guarantee a first turn snipe to tilt a match in your favor.


There are a few items to consider before making the jump to awakening due to the high-level resources required. Given the increasing popularity of Signature Force and Core Memory sharing, picking units with fatecores and a team that revolves around a nation is typically a safe option and will give you a specific direction to take when awakening. Additional tips that players should take into account prior to awakening your attack units:


  1. Complete Chapter 11 to unlock the final stages in the Solar and Lunar Sanctums to farm materials to craft Ranked gear.
  2. A full 6 flame guard stone set is highly recommended for awakening due to the HP bonus and damage reduction. A 2 machine set/4 flame guard stone set is viable for final hit types to bypass provoke tanks, but not necessary with Signature Force level 1 upgrade.  
  3. If you do not own enough fated level ranked armor to equip 2 or pieces on a single unit, do not awaken more than 1 unit at a time. Having a single guardstone on a unit makes it too vulnerable to breaks which will render your damage dealer useless in PVP and PVE content.
  4. Prioritize heroes with fatecores as the stat and skill enhancements from fatecores added to the awakening bonus can make a rare hero as good or better than a fated hero. 
  5. Prioritize Generals (Bathory/Rachel/Jinai/Shufraken/Garff/Dorka) if you have them, and build a nation team around the General’s nation.


Considering the notes above, here are five chaos type heroes I recommend awakening, in no particular order as no two accounts are the same:





  • Attribute - Nature
  • Guard Stone Set Recommendation - 6 Flame
  • Nation - General Estoris Republic 
  • Fatecore - Gold, Synergy Theme


Similar to all the other Generals, Jinai is on this list as she has the ability to apply a mark known as Charm. The mark is applied to all enemies with lower attack than Jinai and decreases the attack speed on all marked enemies by 20. Given this requirement, it is important to prioritize Jinai for awakening to reaching the attack required to apply the mark.


Given her low base attack, it is significantly harder without awakening to reach 3,000 attack or higher. As she was the latest general to receive a gold level fatecore, those lucky enough to recruit her fatecore can enhance her fatecore to reach a higher attack stat as well. Having a gold fatecore that is highly relevant in the current speed meta, even more so when the Green Land signature force is unlocked, makes her future proof as a hero to invest resources toward awakening.


She is valuable as a general to build a national team around with strong damage dealers in the Estoris Republic, and the synergy with Jinn and Banga team. Awakening with a full flame set for the HP bonus and damage reduction is recommended. 





  • Attribute - Machine
  • Guard Stone Set Recommendation - 6 Flame
  • Nation - Estoris Republic 
  • Fatecore - Gold, Banga Theme


The next on our list is one of my personal favorites and one of Season 1’s main antagonists, the assassin Jinn. Matching his ninja-like character design, Jinn is a speedy damage dealer with strong single target skills that have the potential to snipe enemy units on the first turn. Jinn has one of the highest base speeds in the game, so awakening him to increase his base attack is highly recommended to complement his speed and strong active skills. Like everything else, utilizing a full flame set for awakening is recommended to increase his survival against elemental damage from signature force. However, utilizing him on 4 flame and 2 machine is also viable as immunity for his final blow passive allows him to bypass provoke tanks to land a killing blow.


Although a fated hero, Jinn has a gold tier fatecore that is available through the String of Creation, so he is obtainable for all players should they choose to invest their Xes into his banner. In addition to being obtainable, his Banga fatecore ability, Heartstrike, makes him a strong choice to build a Banga team around if you have multiple Banga fatecores. He is also has strong synergy with Jinai and silences with the Charm mark for a meta relevant Estoris national team. 





  • Attribute - Machine
  • Guard Stone Set Recommendation - 6 Flame
  • Nation - Estoris Republic 
  • Fatecore - Black, Forgotten Memory Theme


Deva made this list as she is similar to Jinn but much easier to obtain being a legendary hero. She also has a rebuffed fatecore that was a free reward for a past Exos Pass type of event, so many players that are free to play should have her fatecore as well. The revised fatecore passive added a 200% increase in critical hit damage, adding that to her high base speed and strong skill multipliers, she is easily one of the strongest first turn damage dealers in the game without requiring high level gear.


In addition, utilizing her with FC Annie and the Estoris Republic signature force upgrades, she has the potential to wipe an entire team on the first turn if geared well. There are not many downsides to using Deva as your primary damage dealer and building a strong Estoris Republic team with Jinai as well will allow you to easily clear any PVE and PVP content. As she is a glass cannon similar to Jinn, awakening her with a full flame set is recommended to increase her survivability if she fails to wipe an enemy team first turn. 





  • Attribute - Machine
  • Guard Stone Set Recommendation - 6 Flame or 2 Machine/4 Flame
  • Nation - North Von Frosty 
  • Fatecore - Black, Forgotten Memory Theme


As another legendary hero with a newly updated fatecore, Reedmarie has recently come out of the depths of storage to become one of the most coveted chaos types to own. I mainly added her to this list due to her fatecore, which now provides a mark similar to Bathory’s tranquil mark that prevents death for one turn. In addition to death immunity, her Pirate’s Mark also negates skill damage for one turn. This allows her to be a strong counter to signature force cleave teams as she can survive the additional elemental damage from an enemy.


That said, she is definitely worth the investment into Bathory’s String of Creation as her fatecore is available within that banner. As the strongest counter to signature force damage currently, she also provides strong damage potential with her piercing AOE damage and damage over time effects. She also has high speed so she can be used to remove shields or a Summer’s Blessing mark early depending on your team composition.


Pair her with the passive bonus from the Synergy themed fatecores and she will be a very high threat to any team. Utilizing her with a North von Frosty team upgraded with signature force and you will have a team capable of climbing the arena ladder fairly easily.  





  • Attribute - Machine
  • Guard Stone Set Recommendation - 6 Flame
  • Nation - Estoris Republic
  • Fatecore - None


Nermash is included on this list as he is a rare type hero and easily obtainable for free to play players. Similar to Jinn, he is a strong single target damage dealer and has the potential to snipe enemy units with his strong multipliers. He has decent attack speed so he can cut between enemy turns, and he also has the final blow passive similar to Jinn and Deva allowing him to finish off a target if his initial attack fails to one-hit KO. So he can benefit from a 2 machine set/4 flame set awakening for a turn immunity to bypass a provoke tank.


The downside: the mana cost for his abilities are high so you would need to pair him with mana generators such as Jinai/Rachel/Dorka and FC Annie to allow him to use his active 2 skill early. In addition, free to play players should focus on unlocking his full Unleashed Potential skills to maximize his damage multipliers.  



That concludes our top 5 chaos types to prioritize for Awakening and I hope this guide will be helpful towards your account progression. I did not want to leave out a few others that I felt should make my list; however, because I believe a list composed of units that are relevant and obtainable for free to play and high spenders would be more practical for the community I had to leave them out. The honorable mentions that should not be ignored include: Dorka, Baraka, and Rera. All of these units are relevant in the current meta and will definitely aid in account progression if you decide to build them.   

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