Every game from the LG UltraGear FACE-OFF VALORANT tournament, ranked

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Last weekend, the VALORANT world saw the LG UltraGear FACE-OFF, with four teams representing four monoliths of the competitive esports world facing off to determine which game would dominate the budding FPS scene in the years to come.


With the event now behind us, we’ve decided to highlight the games of the event, and which ones we recommend you should watch or relive.


6. Elimination match: Team Heroes vs Team Striker


Even though Team Striker may have lost their opening match against the venerable Team Delta, they’re absolutely a force to be reckoned with. Even coming from the explosive and well-known Overwatch scene, Team Heroes were not prepared for Team Striker, who blasted through the hero-based team in a clean match.



5. Lower final: Team Survival vs Team Striker


After getting decimated by Team Delta, the Fortnite squad needed to get back on their feet to find a rematch in the grand finals. Waiting for them, however, was Team Striker -- a team out for blood after too getting knocked down by Team Delta. With VALORANT all-stars ShahZam and sinatraa on opposing teams, this match went back-and-forth, with both teams taking long streaks of wins each in the hopes of making their grand finals run.



4. Opening match: Team Heroes vs Team Survival


Sinatraa is an absolute beast of a player, even in the short time that he’s had with VALORANT. And nowhere is this better exemplified than in his opening match in the LG UltraGear FACE-OFF. Clocking in 37 kills across 20 rounds on Reyna, this match is an absolute must-watch for sinatraa and Sentinels fans.



3. Opening match: Team Striker vs Team Delta


Representing Counter-Strike and Call of Duty respectively, this was easily the most stacked matchup of the event, with FPS legends across both squads. With both teams vying to get into the Upper Final, and both teams filled to the brim with professional VALORANT players and streamers, this was one of the closest matches we saw last weekend, and easily one of the exciting to watch.


And, for fans of this matchup, this isn’t the only matchup these two will see in the Face-Off...



2. Upper final: Team Delta vs Team Survival


After the close match that was Team Delta vs Team Striker, Team Delta were set to go on an undefeated winning streak, and Team Survival were not up to the task. This match is easily the most one-sided of the entire event, and a must-watch for WARDELL and m0E fans, with both players top-fragging in the entire server for this match.



1. Grand final: Team Striker vs Team Delta


Team Striker vs Team Delta. Counter-Strike vs Call of Duty. ShahZaM vs. WARDELL. Two FPS teams, with two VALORANT legends, with only one team coming out on top.


A rematch from the opening round of the Face-Off, the two FPS franchise teams met each other once again, now in a best-of-three grand finals series. While the first map of Haven may not have gone the way some expected, the matchup on Bind is definitively the most competitive of the entire event, being the only map to go into overtime. 


Whether you’re a Complexity fan, Sentinels fan, or a general VALORANT fan, this grand final is one you don’t want to miss out on.


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