Secretlab announces officially licensed World of Warcraft gaming chairs


The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release.



Secretlab has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to create the first-of-its-kind officially licensed World of Warcraft gaming chairs, styled after the Alliance and the Horde, the factions whose triumphs and conquests have shaped the world of Azeroth.

Following the success of the official Overwatch and D.Va Edition gaming chairs, Secretlab is taking inspiration from another epic Blizzard universe, giving gamers a new way to immerse themselves in the land of Azeroth and represent their chosen faction.

Launching in advance of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands — the upcoming expansion for
Blizzard’s blockbuster MMO — the official Alliance and Horde seats will give gamers the comfort
and support they need as they explore the Shadowlands and beyond. Each chair has its own distinct aesthetic, reflecting the opposing factions of the Alliance and the Horde.

Inspired by the grandeur of Stormwind City and the starkness of Orgrimmar, the new seats will give Alliance and Horde players respectively a chance to pay homage to their in-game allegiances.


The Secretlab Alliance Edition chair is upholstered in dark blue PRIMETM 2.0 PU leather and
embellished with gold trimmings, royal braid motifs, and cream accents, evoking the opulence of
Stormwind City, capital of the Alliance.


Horde loyalists will appreciate the black and red leatherette of the Secretlab Horde Edition seat, which features the Horde banner draped over the rear, framed by the barbed spikes similar to those lining the rooftops of Orgrimmar.

The Secretlab World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde Edition chairs are equipped with all the
features of the award-winning Secretlab 2020 Series. Engineered for all-day comfort and
personalized ergonomic support, they will keep players comfortably seated for the duration of
their gaming sessions as they compete to be the first in the world to defeat Sire Denathrius in
Castle Nathria, the first raid of Shadowlands.


The Secretlab World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde Edition chairs are now available to
pre-order for both the Secretlab OMEGA and Secretlab TITAN. 




All photos by: Secretlab


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