Inven Global Meme Awards: Worlds 2020 Group C (colorized)


The seventh day of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Group stage has brought us laughter, sadness, but mostly, really great memes. Fnatic has eliminated both lower seed teams, but eventually fell to Gen.G to finalize the day. 


The Inven Global editorial team has curated the best Day 7 memes to colorize the state of Group C, and particularly TSM’s miserable trip to Spain (without the S). 


Move over, WidePeepoHappy, WideBWIPOHappy is here. Make sure you watch this with sound on, you will not regret it.



Thanks to Carlos, we have been able to figure out the true meaning of NA: Near Airport.



And yet another Carlos instant classic:



Selfmade, the jungle artist: 



TSM's newest logo is looking very accurate, and arguably better than the original:



We could not have missed "SadTyler" and his NA Optimism graphic:


Also, Tyler is somehow a prophet:



Not quite a meme, but Raz shared a rant that perfectly and poetically describes NA:



"We have a problem," indeed... Every region is stomping NA - even NA itself!


And to just continue on the NA hype train memes...



And finally, in TSM's last moments they traded a Baron for their Nexus against LGD:



It goes without saying that NA has struggled a bit this Worlds, especially the Group C representative, TSM. TSM went 0-6 in what was possibly the easiest group to get out of across all four groups this year. They became the first-ever Pool 1/ major region 1st seed to go 0-6 in groups, which will likely be a continued meme for the rest of the org's future. 


Which is your favorite? And which do you wish was featured? Let us know what we missed!



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