[Worlds 2020] PSG head coach Bigfafa: “Professionals have to deal with any situation and shouldn’t be regretful of unfortunate issues.”

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From the start of the 2020 LoL World Championship, PSG Talon had a difficult time, as several players weren’t able to participate from the beginning due to visa issues. Despite the struggles, they got through the play-ins. At the group stage, PSG Talon had a shaky start, but ended their Worlds journey with two more wins, including a victory over one of the favorites, JD Gaming.


After their last day, PSG Talon’s head coach, Seo “Bigfafa” Min-seok spoke of his impressions at Worlds. “Since it was my first Worlds, I was quite nervous. Especially since the group stage were Bo1 double round robins, every game mattered in terms of success and failure. Overall, it was an amazing experience.”


Bigfafa spoke of the unfortunate issues that came to the team, but remained calm as he emphasized that pros have to deal with any situation. He said, “Having to be quarantined is what it is, and I wouldn’t say that the original members not being able to scrim together didn’t affect the team, but professionals have to deal with any situation and shouldn’t be regretful of unfortunate issues.”


On the last day of their group stage, PSG Talon had a great performance. When asked what made them stronger the last day, Bigfafa answered, “When the quarantine was finally over, we had a photo shoot and there was a rehearsal. We weren’t able to scrim before our first match. So we thought the competition itself is a scrim and thought fo what we could do better for the three days of the first round. We took a step at a time, and that was shown on the last day.”


Bigfafa thanked everyone that helped out in PSG Talon’s journey at Worlds. “I gave a lot of stress to the players during the year. I’d like to thank them for following without any complaints. We were able to stand here because everyone, the players, the director, CEO, and all of the staff members did their best. I’d like to thank everyone for that.”


He concluded the interview by thanking the fans. “All this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fans as well. I’d like to thank all the fans that were together in our ‘Shohoku ending’. Please continue to think of us in our future journeys.”


▲ Image via Riot Games

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