[UPDATED 10/9] [Worlds 2020] DAMWON secures Group B 1st seed, JD Gaming 2nd; Rogue & PSG eliminated

Photo by Seok "Lasso" Jun-kyu for Inven Global


Rogue lost its first game of the second round robin in Group B of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship to JD Gaming. Rogue and PSG Talon have both been mathematically eliminated from proceeding to the knockout stage of Worlds 2020 due to the loss. JD Gaming will look to challenge DAMWON Gaming for a shot at the 1st seed in Group B, but regardless of the rest of today's results, both teams will be moving on to the knockout stage. 

At 1-3, Rogue still has two matches left at Worlds 2020 against DAMWON Gaming and PSG Talon — the latter being the only team RGE has beaten in Group B — but those matches will be played entirely for experience and growth as Rogue and PSG Talon have both been eliminated from qualifying for the knockout stage. 



It would be easy to call Rogue's Worlds 2020 a disappointment, but that would be false. The young team continued to improve throughout the year, became the first team on the planet to qualify for Worlds 2020, showed great planning, and despite the losses continued to attempt to execute plays on the highest level possible. 


A 1-3 record thus far truly doesn't do Rogue's level of play justice, but such is the fate of teams trapped in a Worlds 'group of death' which is exactly what Group B has shaped up to be due to the dominance of DAMWON Gaming and JD Gaming. 


Photo by David Lee for Riot Games

At 0-4 in the last place of Group B, PSG Talon needed Rogue to defeat JDG for even a slight chance of qualifying for the knockout stage, but due to Rogue's loss to JDG, any hopes for progression at Worlds 2020 have been dashed. JD Gaming will look to defeat DAMWON Gaming to then force a rematch tiebreaker for the 1st seed in Group B. 


UPDATE 10/9: With PSG Talon securing their first win of the group stage over JD Gaming, DAMWON Gaming has locked in first seed heading to the knockout phase, and JDG secure second. JDG's loss puts them at 3-2, so they can no longer tie DWG who sit at 5-0. The two still have their rematch as the last game of the group stage remaining.



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