Look like K/DA: Fashion items to get your style all out!


If you are as excited about the return of the iconic League of Legends K-Pop stars of K/DA as I am, you probably have already drooled over their new outfits. With two of my absolute favorite themes of leathery goods and holographic everything, the group's EP "All Out"release outfit is total "Punk Rock meets David Bowie".


These pieces were handpicked over an afternoon of online shopping, or should I rather say, online-display-shopping? Every look was envisioned to emulate the style of a K/DA member - it's important to note that this is NOT a "how to cosplay K/DA"  article, but rather, how to dress inspired by them. Think of "Disneybounding", but "KDAbounding".



When approaching the new "All Out" designs, I realized that the outfit composition might make you a little warm, even if your tummy is out. With this many synthetic materials, the K/DA girls need a little room to breathe- quite literally! All outfits bare no expenses when it comes to baring skin, as the leatherette-infused looks will definitely make you break a sweat whether it is on stage, or just sitting on the couch watching their performance at Worlds 2020.


Full disclosure on the items picked: I tried to make these fit the most affordable possible, however, some of the shoe choices include Gucci and Christian Laboutin, which might be a little bit much for a fun ensemble. Nonetheless, they are iconic fashion pieces that definitely deserve some love.



  • Holographic Leatherette pants by Dolls Kill - $17.40 - Found here
  • Cropped Polo sweater by Bershka - $17,99 - Found here
  • Vapor Rude Awakening Holographic Harness Top by Dolls Kill - $40 - Found here
  • Gucci Leather Ankle Boots with Strap - $890 - Found here


  • Faux Leather Harness from Wish - $10 - Found here
  • Faux Leather Skirt from Bershka - $17,99 - Found here
  • Gigot Sleeve Sequin Jacket from SHEIN - $18 - Found here
  • Solid Body Harness (Legs) from SHEIN - $8 - Found here


  • Treat Yourself Mini-Dress Royal from FashionNova - $30.99 - Found here
  • American Dream Leather High Waisted Mini Skirt (To be worn OVER the dress!) - $23.32 - Found here
  • Solid Body Harness (Legs) from SHEIN - $8 - Found here
  • Christian Louboutin Degratass heels - $945 - Found here


  • Black Mesh Long Sleeve Under-It-All Crop Top from Torrid - $39.50 - Found here
  • Mesh Insert Leather Look pants from SHEIN - $5,99 - Found here
  • Hologram Jacket from Dolls Kill - $240 - Found here
  • Speed Sneaker in Black Knit by Balenciaga - $595 - Found here


This guide was not made to be followed strictly. Any similar items, being as high end or as thrifty as you want can achieve similar looks and give you fabulous K-Pop star energy. Have fun and send me pictures of your looks!


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    level 1 Sun_Young_Park

    For any cosplay, including K/DA, find an alternative to Dolls Kill. The racism and pro-police brutality shouldn't be supported. The irony of using a brand that only wants white customers to cosplay as Asians... ridiculous. 

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