[Worlds 2020] G2 Jankos: "Nothing personal, but I always felt like I was better than Broxah."

Source: LCK Broadcast


On day 5 of the group stages of the 2020 LoL World Championships, G2 Esports defeated Team Liquid to get their revenge on their loss in the first round robin. With this victory over TL, G2 now stands in their group with a 3-1 record.


The jungler for G2, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, joined Jeesun Park for a post-victory interview on the LCK broadcast.



Congratulations on your win. How does it feel to get revenge on TL?


I think losing to NA twice would be very disappointing, so we took the game kind of slow and played our old style, and ended up beating them.

We saw a lot of ban cards in the jungle role, and G2 even invested 4 cards to ban out the jungler. What was the reason?


We knew that TL was the most comfortable with Graves, and as for the rest, we didn’t know what to ban, so we decided that Lillia could be a cheese pick that they could win level 1 with. We felt like we always lose early games because of level 1 and 2 cheese, so we wanted that off the table. We didn’t think about them picking jungle until the 2nd draft rotation, because we thought they’d pick Lee Sin, but they didn’t. Our coaching staff said that the other two jungle bans would work because they played it in solo queue, and it worked out for us.

In the teaser video today, Broxah said that he’s going to put you in your place, but you beat him, so would you like to respond to him?


I do remember trash talking Broxah before the first game, and it seems like whoever trashtalks, loses. Nothing personal, but I always felt like I was better than Broxah, so I wasn’t really scared of the matchup.

G2’s considered the favorites to make it out of groups, so which team do you think will make it out of groups alongside G2?


I’d probably say Suning. I think they’re a very strong team, and we should’ve lost against them in the first round robin. We still have to play MCX and Suning tonight, so we’ll make sure to do our best to secure the 1st seed. I don’t really care who gets knocked out of groups, but I’d definitely say that the LPL is coming with us.

Are you confident that you guys will be making out of groups as the 1st seed?


Oh yeah, of course. I think we’ll make it out as 1st place.



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