The 5 most hyped moments from the LG UltraGear Face-Off VALORANT tournament

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Last weekend, we witnessed a full day of top tier North American VALORANT action in the LG UltraGear Face-Off.


Featuring four teams of professional players and streamers, the faceoff had no shortage of talent. And with the pride of their game on the line, we saw plays and clutches in every game, especially those that went down to the wire.


We've compiled five highlights from the LG UltraGear Face-Off, showcasing important or spectacular plays from each of the teams.


TimTheTatman + WARDELL = The Dream Team


If you’ve been following our previous coverage of the LG UltraGear FACE-OFF, you should know that Team Delta are no slouches. And, much of that comes from their all-star lineup, including the well-known streamer TimTheTatman.


In the second pistol round of Team Delta’s opening game against Team Striker, the two teams were evenly matched 6-6 in the first half. Now in the second pistol round in a 3v3 situation, and with only 27 seconds left on the clock, Team Striker executed a last-minute B-site push on the Attacking site.


WARDELL, knowing Team Striker was set to push from window, put down a smoke for Tim, who was set to make first contact with the offense. Despite backup from WARDELL and fl0m being available, Tim didn’t need either one’s additional firepower. Tim quickly took down all three players in a matter of seconds, securing Team Delta the first round in the second half, now up 7-6.


This round win was vital for Team Delta, as this map was also the last match of the entire event. Bind would later go into overtime, with Team Delta clinching the two rounds of overtime to win 14-12, and securing the grand final 2-0. 


Without the firepower of TimTheTatman and the incredible strategizing of WARDELL, Team Delta likely would not have been able to secure the win as easily as they did.


To quote GoldenBoy, not even the biggest crosshair in the world can stop TimTheTatman.



Morgausse shuts down the B offense


Look, say what you want about the Judge, but most people will agree that in certain situations, it's a very powerful shotgun. Morgausse seems to agree, and his purchase paid off for his team.


In the eighth round between Team Striker and Team Survival, both teams were evenly matched in a 4v4 situation with Survival up 4-3.


As the only person defending the B-site at the time, Morgausse was alone in B Window as Team Striker initiated a three-man stack onto the B-Site.


ChicaLive and sinatraa rotated in an attempt to backup Morgausse, but they were both swiftly dealt with by the offense. 


With the attackers temporarily distracted by the flank, Morgausse made his move

Firing off only four shots, the streamer took down all three players, stunning the offense and even the casters.


With his teammates down, jakejake was left alone in a 1v2 on the A-site with the spike on the other side of the map.


Taking the teleporter, jakejake was quickly met by Morgausse in the B window. And, like his teammates, he met a similar fate to Morgausse's Judge.



Too easy for sinatraa


A two-time MVP and back-to-back Overwatch champion, sinatraa is nothing short of one of the best players in VALORANT, period. And when he's given the chance, he'll take out an entire team himself.


Team Heroes and Team Survival were at odds with each other, with Survival pulling out a one-point lead 8-7. Team Heroes, having lost the previous round, were left on SMGs and needed to win this round to anchor themselves back into the game.


After getting one kill, charging up Empress, and with the Attackers stacking the site he was on, sinatraa was ready to wreak havoc.


After taking down xQc, sinatraa immediately found another two kills through the dark cover, leaving draynilla hiding in a corner alone. Once the cover faded, he was swiftly dealt with, giving sinatraa a full ace and putting Team Survival up 9-7.



m0E clutches the pistol


The pistol round is among the most important rounds in the game, setting the trajectory for the rest of the map. And winning the match can mean winning the pistol round at all costs.


In their opening match, Team Delta took on FPS rivals Team Striker. After getting one kill, m0E was left alone in a 1v3 situation with the spike dropped.


With all players on the B-site, m0E successfully took down all three players with three headshot kills and even planted the spike for his team.


With the clutch win in the pistol round, Team Delta converted the next three rounds to supplant a 4-0 lead in the first half.


The clutch's only became more pivotal once the match closed in favor of m0E's team reached match point 12-7.


A valiant comeback from Team Striker sought to force the match into overtime, but one last conversion for Team Delta in the 24th round closed the game for m0E's squad 13-11.


Were it not for m0E's 1v3 victory in the pistol round, Team Delta would likely have been knocked down to the lower bracket. 



TimTheTatman pulls it off… almost…


Up 5-1, TimTheTatman's Team Delta had a strong lead in the round department, but in the seventh round, Tim was stuck in a dire 1v4.


A storied FPS player, the situation was by no means impossible. After getting HusKerrs in B Window and ShahZaM on the flank, Tim took down Greekgodx to clear the B-site, and making the round an increasingly-winnable 1v1.


With the last player rotating to the B-site, Tim counter-rotated to the empty A-site to get an easy plant and set up a trap for the remaining defender. And, with only 9 health left, it would have been a legendary 1v4 clutch for the books.


Or… that was the plan. Unfortunately, waiting for him at the A-site was Greekgodx's Killjoy turret. Unaware of the sixth “player” on the other team, he began planting the spike and it only took one shot for him to fall, giving Team Striker their second round on the board.


This play reigns as simultaneously one of the most hype and most heart-breaking moments of the FaceOff.

This round takes the cake for being simultaneously one of the most-hype moments and also one of the most heart-breaking moments of the LG UltraGear FACE-OFF. 


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