AFs Kuro: "A big thanks to our fans for the meal that helped us win"

On the 25th day of the 2017 LCK Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs won against Kongdoo Monster 2-1 after a long match. AFs won Set 1 with MaRin carrying the team. MaRin’s Maokai was unstoppable, and it was a flawless victory for AFs.

However, Set 2 did not go well for AFs. With Baron buff on their side, KDM quickly killed MaRin’s Renekton and Kuro’s Cassiopeia and destroyed the inhibitor. KDM even got an Ace with Camille and Ryze, and successfully destroyed the enemy Nexus, making the score 1-1.

AFs decided to change the top lane champion and the support champion for Set 3, and it worked out well for AFs. With Baron buff on their side this time, AFs destroyed two enemy inhibitors and pushed towards the nexus.

Below is the post-match press interview with Seo-haeng “Kuro” Lee, the Mid player for AFs.



Congrats on winning today! How are you feeling right now?

First of all, I want to apologize to our fans for such a long game. I’m sorry that I kept you awake, and I’m happy to have won the match.

AFs’ win rate is 50% now. What are your thoughts on this?

I’ve talked with our coaches and my teammates what we should be doing in order to won. We assured ourselves that we’ll put our best efforts into every game. I’m happy with the win rate, but I wish we had one more point.

The 7.4 update is coming next week. Will there be any new champions that you’ll be playing? What would happen to Corki?

I don't think I'll be playing Corki after the patch. I check the patch note, but there weren't any notable changes. There weren't any big balance updates Cho'gath either, so I guess it's not time to pick Cho'gath yet.   

AFs seem to be very good with drafts. How do you decide on the drafts?

Our coaches have 50% influence on the draft, and we as players present our own opinions. Coach Cho usually gives us a brief strategy regarding the draft and we give some feedbacks on that.

Last week it seemed like the Juglers were taking care of the Bot Lane, but this week they were taking care of the Top Lane. Is there any special reason behind this?

It’s not a change of strategy. Our Junglers decide which lane to take care of depending on the champions. We decide when and how our Junglers are going to gank after we evaluate our team composition.

Did you notice that one fan cheering loudly for Kuro?

Unfortunately I couldn’t. I was in the middle of the game at that time; I didn’t get a chance to see the stream either. But I’d really like to say thank you. [smiles]

Any last words?

I don’t know if today is a special day, but our fans gave us lunch boxes. I think they wanted us to cheer up for the second round and the lunch boxes did help us to cheer up. I really want to thank our fans for that. Thank you so much. [smiles]

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