[Review] Gold fatecore Supreme Queen Jinai has arrived. Should you pull for her?

The Supreme Queen Jinai banner is now live and available for recruitment at an increased rate!


Arriving fashionably late, many of us have been waiting for Jinai to receive a fatecore for herself and it has finally arrived. She is the last of the General tier heroes to receive her fatecore and it is gold nonetheless. This is the debut of the Synergy K-Pop fatecore theme, and this new theme definitely strays away from the typical art style we’ve seen with previous fatecores.


Supreme Queen Jinai will definitely be making a lasting impression on the current meta with her amazing skill set. However, with many players reaching end game and unlocking Signature Force nations, some have questioned her viability in the long term. My short answer: if you are a whale, she’s definitely worth the investment and if you are free to play, I would consider building a team around her if you do decide to go all in


Upgraded passive for multiple attack types


Similar to other gold grade fatecores, while her active 1 and 2 skills are essentially the same, Supreme Jinai has a major upgrade to her passive as seen below:



Flow of Mana and Charm are still present, which are still great and synergize well with nation allies like Jinn and Shell or with the FC Annie/FC Rera combo. 


Mana Absorb has been upgraded to level 4, now removing all buffs instead of a single buff. In addition, she now has a 20 speed attack speed buff for all allies in the same row which increases by 2 per buff removed, and a 40% attack debuff which decreases further by 2% per buff removed. 


Superstar and Fan Meeting look to be the new exclusive Synergy fatecore theme bonus, similar to the Summer’s Blessing skill from the Summer Festa fatecore theme. Superstar will enhance Jinai’s damage dealing potential greatly by increasing damage over time (DOT) effects by 100%. Fan Meeting looks to add a final hit type mechanic to all allies if a target has 30% or less HP after being attacked.


In summary, this is a very strong passive that will synergize very well with DOT heavy teams. This will make her a strong companion to North Von Frosty teams (Shufraken/Ramge/Valentina) as they all perform DOTs which are further enhanced by Shufraken’s Fear of the Abyss Mark. This will also perform well with Brunn heavy teams consisting of Dorka/Neomi/Kylock. 


Jinai and Estoris Republic national team now a strong option


As mentioned above with the update to her passive, Jinai has now become a strong option for players to focus-building a strong Estoris Republic team around. Due to Signature Force having such a large impact on the PVP meta, the Estoris Nation has a handful of strong damage dealers and tanks that will benefit from the upgrades. This includes Jinn, Deva, Adams, and Luke.


In addition, all of the aforementioned units have strong fatecores that all players can focus on building and potentially recruiting through the String of Creation. Jinn, Adams, and Luke are all members of the Banga theme, so utilizing a full Banga team to utilize their Heart Strike passive (which also performs damage over time at level 3) is a very solid team for both PVE and PVP content. FC Deva also was a free reward in a previous Exos event so many may already have her as well. As the general for the Estoris Republic nation, you will need several duplicates of her to reach the full Signature Force upgrade. However, just reaching level 1 or 2 will make a huge difference in your team’s performance.  


Viable in the current PVP meta


Signature Force is a large factor in the current meta mainly due to the additional elemental damage provided from the first upgrade. This has shifted the meta into utilizing strong damage dealers from a specific nation in lieu of the FC Annie/FC Rera/Bathory comps seen all over Season 1.


However, speed is also an important factor as landing the first hit to snipe an enemy unit greatly increases your potential to win a match. Given FC Jinais new speed buff in addition to the Charm mark, she will guarantee your team moves first. Pairing her with fast nukers like FC Deva, FC Jinn, FC Rera, or Baraka should allow you to snipe key units on an enemy team.


Allowing Jinai to follow up with her active 1 or 2 and high DOT damage from her passive to finish the remaining team. Anyone left standing will then be hit by the Fan’s Meeting passive. There are a variety of strong cleave teams that FC Jinai will be able to support as a catalyst to facility a strong AOE cleave, especially those with a Signature Force level 1 upgrade. 


The bottomline



FC Jinai is a very strong unit that any player can benefit from given her strong passive and utility for speedy nuke teams. In addition, with the Green Land Signature Force due to arrive, she will likely bring the FC Annie/FC Rera teams back to the meta which will allow those who invested heavy into that combo extremely happy. You can’t go wrong with this fatecore and I would highly recommend taking a chance at this banner.

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