Patch 10.21 Preview, big jungle pool changes and another Samira nerf


While League patches no longer affect anything in the pro meta, Riot is still making changes and updates for the end of the season solo queue climbers, and they're bringing yet another balance chance to Samira, along with a whole slew of different buffs and nerfs to junglers all around.



First, everyone's most hated champ right now, Samira. She actually has a negative win rate across all roles when averaging all ranks, but she does edge over 50% as an AD carry in Gold and higher. Riot hasn't yet specified how they will nerf her, but it will likely be a very small tap, otherwise, she will actually be too weak.


Other nerfs include Camille, pantheon, and three junglers: Hecarim, Graves, Nidalee. Camille has been a pretty solid top lane pick for a few patches, and she's running wild at worlds with about a 60% presence and win rate. Pantheon support has a much lower presence but a better win rate. It's a niche pick, but it's very strong when it works. 



Otherwise, Graves, Hecarim, and Nidalee have all been at the top of the jungle pool for multiple patches, and both Nidalee and Graves are at the very top of Worlds presence as well. Hecarim hasn't been as much, but he's still very strong in solo queue, sporting a 53% win rate in gold and higher.


Last on the nerfs list is Nimbus Cloak, which is the only systems change noted for this patch. Nimbus Cloak has been strong for much of the year, become an almost must-take rune for a while this summer. Even after the recent nerf, it needs yet another. While the original tweet doesn't specify whether it's a nerf, buff, or neutral tweak, Mark Yetter does confirm in a following tweet that it is indeed a planned nerf.



On the buff list are Corki, Aphelios, Trundle, Lee Sin, Karma, and Udyr. All champs have a sub 50% win rate, other than Udyr, whose play rate is so low, he's likely only played by one tricks and when the situation is perfect for him. While Trundle and Lee Sin often take over the pro meta when they're strong, this patch has no implication on pro play, so it's a bit easier to buff them without too much downside. Other than Lee, all of these champs have a horrendous pick rate, so they should finally see some more play with a nice increase in power. 


Which champs are you excited to see buffed and nerfed? And what other changes do you hope will come before the end of the season next month? 



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