[Worlds 2020] DRX Doran on TES: "Although we lost, I don’t think they’re undefeatable."


After two matches in the group stage of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, DRX had a 1-1 record. They defeated their first opponent, Unicorns of Love, but they fell to the heavy favorites, Top Esports. Despite their loss, Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon didn’t seem to be too disappointed in an interview with Inven Global. He mentioned that "no team is undefeatable" and showed determination for the upcoming matches. 



You were there at the scene last year, but this is the first time your playing on a Worlds stage. How does it feel?


When I wasn’t able to play last year, it was really regretful. But looking back now, I see that I clearly lacked in many areas. I think it was a good experience back then. This year is my first actual step at Worlds. I want to start on the right foot.

Being at Worlds is a big dream for many players. How does it feel to be there?


There are many, many LCK players. I’m representing all those players, so I feel responsible. All that’s on my mind is thinking of how I would play well.

You played two games now. Weren’t you nervous?


Although it was my first Worlds game a few days ago, I wasn’t nervous at all. But today, when I thought that we were facing the number one team from the LPL, I got some butterflies in my stomach.

As you said, Top Esports is a team that is considered to be one of the heaviest favorites at this competition. How was it playing against them?


Saying this after losing might not seem valid, but after playing against them, although we lost, I don’t think they’re undefeatable. No teams are undefeatable. In our next match against them, I really think we can beat them.

I’m curious about the picks and bans. Some picks were really surprising. Can you explain it a bit?


During picks and bans, each laners decide what they’re confident about. Usually, we go with the picks that we’re confident in and comfortable with.

Knight picked mid Nocturne. I don’t think you would have expected that.


There are so many champions in LoL. It's impossible to predict every pick. When there are joker picks, it’s up to each players' abilities to deal with the unexpected pick.

You’re 1-1 now in the group. I know it’s not the best up to now, but how do you think it’s going?


It would have been better if we won everything, but we lost because we weren’t good enough. I believe we can move forward by thorough feedback and practice. If we do so, we’ll be able to get good results.



Was there anything specific that cvMax asked from you for this Worlds? Anything like the previous hiking trip?


He just told me to play LoL well, to play the game well. It’s what he's been telling me throughout the whole year. There wasn’t anything special.

I heard that DRX practices a LOT. How much do you practice?


Actually, I know that all of the other teams really work hard. I don’t think we’re practicing much more than them.

Ornn is a really hot pick at this Worlds. What do you think about it?


Ornn is a champion that supports the teammates. When playing Ornn, his role is to guard the first tower, not falling too much behind in CS. Taking half and half. It’s a great champion to fit the composition.

You often talk about Nuguri. He played top Lulu yesterday. What do you think about his Lulu?


Lulu is also a supporting champion; it’s a bit different from Ornn. But she’s a champion that can win lane and support the team. In the match that Nuguri used Lulu, I think he thought Lulu would be great against Gangplank.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


I’m sorry to the fans who cheer for us for losing today. I’ll do my best so that we can win our next game, and our next TES match as well. Thank you.

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