[Worlds 2020] JDG Kanavi to DRX cvMax: "I’m going to go full tryhard against him and DRX. He better be prepared.."


On day 2 of group stages at the 2020 LoL World Championships, JD Gaming took down PSG Talon to take their first victory of the tournament. Coming out of their loss against DAMWON Gaming on day 1, JDG put on a performance that completely washed away their loss by closing out the game against PSG in 23 minutes.


The jungler for JDG, Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok, joined Inven Global to talk about their victory, his expectations for Worlds, and even sent a message to the head coach for DRX, Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho.



Congratulations on your first victory at Worlds 2020. Can you comment on the dominating 23 minute victory against PSG?


I’m very satisfied with the victory tonight, where we all fixed a lot of the mistakes from yesterday. 

The faces of the players after the match against DWG all looked pretty grim. What are some of the reasons behind the team’s loss?


We made mistakes in the level 1 invade, shotcalling throughout the game, and in teamfighting. In terms of my own mistakes, I shouldn’t have given the distance for Leona to Flash-Q me level 1 and I made some really bad calls. 


Source: Riot Games


What kind of feedback did the team receive after the DWG match, and how was some of that feedback implemented in preparation for tonight’s match against PSG Talon?


We received feedback on the various mistakes that we made, and were told to calm down, take it slow, and play comfortably.

Ornn is a champion that’s been performing very well in this tournament. Is there a reason why you let the enemy team take Ornn? Can you tell us how the draft went for JDG overall?


Ornn is a champion that’s very tanky and is able to play out the game by himself. Our team knew how to play him, which meant that we also knew how to deal with him, so we just let them have it.

JDG had a 10K gold lead at 18 minutes. When did you know for certain that you were going to win?


I think it would have to be the first blood that I got in the bot lane. Sylas is weak early, but being able to pull off a successful early dive in the bot lane with Sylas made me feel very confident about winning the game.

Many people are saying that PSG Talon has actually gotten weaker with their original roster. How do you rate the other teams’ levels in group B?


After watching PSG Talon’s play-in stage games, I thought that this team was a jungle-ccentric team. However, with River and Tank coming back in, it seems that they’ve lost their color. In terms of DAMWON, I think all five of their players are very good, and Rogue likes to play around their mid laner, Larssen.

In terms of the jungle pool, there’s a distinct difference between the western and the eastern teams, where the West likes to play champions like Evelynn and Hecarim, while the East shys away from them. Thoughts?


Champions like Graves, Nidalee, and Lillia are champions that can clear the jungle really fast and good for skirmishes, and since the LPL and the LCK junglers are very aggressive, they prefer these champions. On the flip side, Evelynn and Hecarim are champions that are like variables inside the game, so the Western teams sometimes pick them.

Speaking more about yourself at this year’s Worlds, which player and team do you want to face the most?


It’s definitely DRX, and although I want to play against all the Korean players, I really want to play against Chovy, Doran, and Keria.

Is it because you were previously on the same team with Chovy and Doran? As far as I know, you weren’t on the same team with Keria.


Yes, I’m close friends with Chovy and Doran because we were on Griffin together. I met Keria when I was in Korea a while ago and had food together, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Speaking of DRX, cvMax is their head coach, so is there anything you’d like to say to him?


If I meet him in the knockout stages, I’m going to go full tryhard against him and DRX. He better be prepared. The same goes for Chovy, Doran, and Keria.

JDG’s next opponents are Rogue. How will you prepare against them, and what are some things you need to be wary about?


I think that we’ll need to keep count of how many players are fighting in the mid lane. I think we’ll also need to be careful about their unexpected plays.

Although I’m sure that winning the tournament is your ultimate goal, do you have a personal goal?


My immediate goal is to make it to the knockout stages. If I win the tournament, I want a Graves or a Nidalee skin.

Lastly, a word to your fans.


I'll continue to put on great performances, so please continue to cheer me on.


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