[Worlds 2020] PSG Tank: "We shouldn’t be shaken up mentally... We’ll be able to show our style if we just prepare well as before."

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PSG Talon had a great run in the play-ins of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Although they had visa issues, they were able to loan a few players to fill their shoes. At the group stage, their original roster was finally back together. They weren’t able to win their first match against Rogue, but they had a whole five more games ahead of them. After their game, mid laner Park “Tank” Dan-won joined Inven Global for a brief interview.



It was a long way here. How do you feel standing on the stage of your dreams?


It’s an honor to be able to compete alongside such outstanding players. Although we lost, I feel really good about that.

How was it when you first found out that you won’t be able to participate in the play-ins?


It was my first World Championship, so I thought it would be better for myself if I played from the play-ins. I would gain more experience… But when I heard that I wouldn’t be able to participate, it was really a big struggle for me. There was a possibility that I can’t show anything at all. 


When I saw my team doing so well in the play-ins, I was so thankful to them. They were on loan from other teams just for the play-ins and did extremely well.

You would have done everything you can during the quarantine to support the team.


I often played duo with the jungler, Kongyue. I tried to play the champions that he feels comfortable with and helped him practice the plays he could do best.

What did you focus on the most while preparing for this World Championship?


PSG Talon is a team that really likes to fight. What we focused on was to get ahead as much as we can in the early game. If we do, we usually get an early power spike, so we tried to improve the early game planning.


As for myself, I watched a lot of matches from other regions. Each region had many different picks. There were champions that I wouldn’t have even thought of, so if any of them seemed, okay, I tried them out.

They say group B is the group of death. Some say it became worse as PSG Talon was placed here. How are you planning to play the remaining matches?


Although we lost our first match rather helplessly, we shouldn’t be shaken up mentally. I believe that we’ll be able to show our style if we just prepare well as before.

DAMWON Gaming and JD Gaming are both favorites in the whole competition. Will PSG Talon fight aggressively with those teams as well?


The strong, top-tier teams play macro without any cracks when they start their engines. As much as they do, we’ll need to do the things in the early game well to raise the possibility to win.

What do you think the biggest reason for the loss today against Rogue was?


Rogue had a very early mid gank, and we didn’t predict it at all. From that, everything was messed up.

There would have been some nervousness since it’s your first Worlds.


At first, I was really nervous, but as the match went, it got alright.

Thanks so much for the interview. Do you have anything more you’d like to say to the fans?


The fans would’ve expected a lot from us today, but I’m really sorry that our performance didn’t live up to your expectations. We’ll make sure that we wouldn’t fall so helplessly next time and show better performances that fit our style so please keep cheering for us. Thank you for all your support.

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