Halloween-themed skins for Fizz, Amumu & Elise are coming to League of Legends next month

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Three new Halloween-themed skins have debuted on the League of Legends PBE for Fizz, Amumu, and Elise. Since today is the first day of the skins going live on the PBE, expect Little Devil Fizz, Pumpkin Prince Amumu, and Bewitching Elise to be released on October 14.




Little Devil Fizz is the only skin of the trio that has not had its splash art revealed. Little Devil Fizz marks the third skin line Fizz shares with fellow yordle Teemo alongside the Omega Squad skin line and the Cottontail skin line, the latter an Easter-themed special featuring only Fizz and Teemo.


In the Twitter clip, it looks like Little Devil Fizz's ultimate is a giant Teemo in his Little Devil skin in place of a shark. This is similar to the Cottontail Fizz skin in which Fizz throws a carrot instead of a baitfish for his Chum the Waters ultimate, and instead of a shark, a monstrous Rabbit would appear to devour any enemies caught in the area. 


Pumpkin Prince Amumu gives The Sad Mummy an adorable jack-o-lantern head, and Bewitching Elise's deep purple primary is complimented with a Lovecraftian green aura around The Spider Queen and her underlings. Both the Amumu and the Elise skins also surround their respective champion sprites with pumpkins upon recall. Little Devil Fizz, on the other hand, snatches the halo off of what looks to be a cupid-like cherub during his back animation.

Little Devil Fizz, Pumpkin Prince Amumu, and Bewitching Elise do not have an official release date, but if the standard window of two weeks from PBE-to-public for skins is still standard, League of Legends players won't have to wait long to get spooky on Summoner's Rift. 



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