SSG CoreJJ: "I’m happy to get a clean win when my girlfriend came to see me"

On March 4th (KST), Samsung Galaxy defeated bbq Olivers 2-0 in the first matchup of Day 24 LCK Spring Split 2017. Specifically, Yongin “CoreJJ” Jo on Tahm Kench perfectly covered for the team in Game 2, paving way for the comfortable victory.

Below is the post-match press interview with CoreJJ.



How does it feel to get a smooth 2-0 sweep?

We’ve faced bbq for twice in a row, and I’m content that we got a clean sweep today as well.

Did you expect the today’s match to go as smoothly?

I saw the last match from the bench and felt confident I could beat them 2-0 if I got to play because our performance seemed better than theirs. I focused on not making critical mistakes.

Even though you won Game 1, it wasn’t an easy victory. What was the reason behind that?

We should’ve pressured the opponent harder before they got their ultimates, but we failed. That’s why we were constantly up against a wall after enemy Rengar hit level 6.

Just as you said, you took the last game off. What did you think about on the bench? Did it have a positive effect?

I contemplated what areas I could improve on to play better while on the bench. The answer was to look back on when I played well. Then I was able regain my confidence and find the bearings on my playstyle.

Are you satisfied with your Tahm Kench in Game 2?

Game 2 couldn't have gone better for us. If it was more even, then I would’ve contributed more to the team. I’m a little bummed out. [laughs]

I understand you’re particularly fond of Tahm Kench. What does he bring to the table?

His biggest strength is carry potential. He can totally control the game as long as he doesn’t lose in lane phase. I think Tahm Kench will be competitive since many other champions have been nerfed. Tahm Kench will always be Tier 1 champion in my heart.

It’s been about a year since you’ve changed your position to support. What do you enjoy about playing support?

I can win teamfights if I use all my skills optimally. Despite support plays often going unnoticed, I like to contribute in subtle ways that make a big impact.

How do you think you’ll do in the second half of the season?

We finished with 6-3 in the first half, but we want to get a better record than that and get a higher spot in postseason.

What do you think you could improve the most in the first half?

We lost to strong teams without putting up a fight. We plan to bring our own games against them without being intimidated in the second half.It’ll be important to catch them off guard.

Any last words?

I saw my girlfriend in the crowd when I went into the booth today. I didn’t know she was coming. I’m happy to get a clean win when my girlfriend came to see me.

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