[Worlds 2020] SUP SnowFlower: "If we lose tomorrow [against UoL], please unsubscribe form GBM's Youtube channel."

From the left: SnowFlower, Jeesun Park (Source: LCK Broadcast) 


The phrase “the gap is closing” has been thrown around the LoL esports scene for many years, but it never truly manifested until tonight. With a set score of 3-2, SuperMassive Esports defeated MAD Lions, which marked the first time that a major region team gets knocked out in the play-ins by a wildcard team. 


SUP’s next opponent is Unicorns of Love, a team that has been, in jest, called the #4 LEC seed. After the win against MAD, the support player from SUP, No “SnowFlower” Hoi-jong joined Jeesun Park on the LCK broadcast for a post-match interview.



It’s been a while since you had a chance to say hello to the LCK fans. Can you please reintroduce yourself to the viewers at home?


Hello, my name is SnowFlower, and prior to my time as the support player for SUP, I was with kt Rolster, and I joined SUP after six months of break.

This victory over MAD Lions marked the first time in LoL Esports history, where a TCL team has taken down a major region in a best-of-5. How do you feel?


I didn’t know that this match was the first time that a TCL team took down a major region. I’m just happier that we survived and have a shot at making it into the group stages.

SUP continued to let Ornn slide when the team played on red side. Was it all part of coach GBM’s plan? What was the team’s strategy?


We definitely had a champion that can deal with Ornn, so that’s why we kept letting Ornn through in the draft. The losses that we faced today were because of us making mistakes, so I blame the losses on GBM [laughs].

Not revealing too much of the team’s strategies, can you tell us which champions did the team prepare? Was Vayne one of them?


Vayne was one of the solutions to Ornn. GBM actually told Zeitnot to play Vayne, and we lost that game, so I think it’s his fault.

Due to your incredible performance in the play-in stages, you gained a lot of nicknames to go with your awesome gameplay. What’s the secret behind improving your gameplay?


I don’t think my own gameplay improved. I think it’s all because of my reliable teammates that relieve pressure off my shoulders so that I’m able to play more comfortably.

Do you have a favorite nickname?


I like them all, but my favorite one would have to be “King-Emperor Flower”.

Your next opponent is Unicorns of Love, a team that’s known to draft creative and unorthodox picks. Heading into tomorrow, what’s your game plan and mindset?


Our coach made this grand statement in an earlier interview, so I’ll just say that whether we win or lose, all credit will go towards GBM. If we lose tomorrow, please unsubscribe from GBM’s Youtube channel.


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