[Worlds 2020] TL Jensen: "We’re just playing better, and the aggression kicks in naturally."

From the left: Jensen, Jeesun Park (Source: LCK Broadcast)


Team Liquid showed why they’re the top dogs of the play-in stages, as they defeated Legacy Esports in the play-ins of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Not only was there a 5k gold lead by the 11 minute mark, TL was able to close out the game by 20 minutes. With this victory, TL now directly heads into the group stages, where either group A or B awaits the team in their Worlds journey.


The mid laner for TL, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, joined Jeesun Park in the LCK broadcast to talk about the match, and sent a special message to RapidStar, who was a guest commentator on the LCK broadcast.


Congratulations on the victory. After a tiebreaker, TL now heads straight into groups. How do you feel?


I’m feeling pretty relieved. I’m glad that we don’t have to go into a Bo5, because I think some of the play-in teams look pretty strong at the moment. Play-in playoffs look pretty scary this year.

This game definitely felt like the “Angry TL” was playing against LGC. The team seemed to just speedrun throughout the game, where there was a 5k gold difference at 11 minutes. Can you tell us what the team’s game plan was?


We picked really strong lanes this game. We’ve been trying to be more cohesive as a team, so I think that we’re better at snowballing the game with small leads. Usually, we’d take things a bit slower, but since we were winning so hard this game, we just kind of went all in, with the top dive early on and what not. We’re just playing better, and the aggression kicks in naturally.

TL is either going to be either in group A or B. Which group do you hope to be in?


It’s hard to say. Both groups can prove to be tough for us, but if we had to choose, I’d personally love to be in group A. However, it’s Worlds, and I think every team is going to be really good.

RapidStar is currently a guest commentator on the LCK broadcast, and he had nothing but great things to say about you as a player. He said things like, “Jensen’s a prodigy”, and “He’s definitely better than Bjergsen”, and “Jensen’s the best mid laner in NA.” Is there anything you’d like to tell RapidStar?


Oh, he shouldn’t have said that. He’s going to get a lot of haters for those comments. I hope everything is going well for him, because I really like Rapidstar. I hope he really enjoys his tenure with Cloud9 and enjoys the broadcast.



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