INTZ Tay after defeating TL: "Now I feel like we could have won against any other team"

From the left: Tay, Jeesun Park (Source: LCK broadcast)


INTZ has secured its first victory at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Play-in stage. Changing Team Liquid’s status from undefeated to 3-1, the CBLoL representatives have surprised the audience with their aggressive playstyle. LCK’s interviewer Jeesun Park had the chance to speak to INTZ’s Top Laner Rodrigo "Tay" Panisa about their performance.

Congratulations on your win, how do you feel about stopping Team Liquid’s undefeated run and picking up your first victory?

I feel very good, I think it gives me a sad feeling as well because now I feel like we could have won against any other team, but we were playing very scared in our first games and that affected us a lot. But we are still alive and we can still maintain ourselves here at Worlds 2020.


Team Liquid was getting ahead from countering the set-ups from INTZ in the early game, but you guys managed to turn the game around. When was the moment you knew you were going to win the game for sure?


The point where we had gotten the most ahead of Team Liquid was when we got Impact killed in the Bot Lane when he was at the second tower. That gave us a lot of advantages in the game because they gave us room to take down two towers, and after that, the game had become too difficult for them to turn, so we ended up at a point where it was just too difficult to lose.


You were the main character in this victory. You scaled really well even when your team was behind. Did you have the confidence that you would single-handedly carry this game?


I wouldn’t say I solo carried the game, my whole team played really well. Because I played Camille, the champion I have played the most, I was very comfortable. I had confidence we would win and it ended up happening.




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