Worlds 2020: The best and... not-the-best team jerseys


The League of Legends Worlds Championship has grown to be much more than just an esports event. Living and breathing culture, from lineups to groups to the merch available to fans, every bit of detail is up for debate by the LoL Esports community. To celebrate the championship, teams have prepared commemorative versions of their jerseys, and more than being just memorabilia, the designs allow fans to cheer in style.


With Worlds 2020 taking place in Shanghai, China, a common thematic for jersey designs featured dragons and Chinese motifs. The almost too predictable subject has proven to in most cases work very well with the color composition of teams and overall cut of esports jerseys. Esports Culture creator Lara Lunardi has curated her favorite... and not-so-favorite designs.



The faves




Ranking number one is INTZ’s jersey. The gold, black, and grey design was almost perfectly executed. The pattern present in the upper front and back panels creates a minimalistic but classy design, that paired with the dragon figure in the back and the gold accents make this jersey a class act. The transition from the lower frontal geometric details could have been done more clearly, but other than this small detail, the jersey is an absolute ace.


G2 Esports


G2 Esports has created an in-theme yet authentic jersey design that is definitely for the bold. It’s undeniably part of the G2 jersey family, but unlike the usual solid shapes, lightning motifs and focus on red, white, and black, this design sports a hand-painted Chinese dragon with the golden color on focus. Aesthetically speaking, the jersey would look less “costumey” with finer lines on the dragon, but the design definitely does its job to showcase the personality of the team.




TSM’s jersey joins INTZ in the classy design category. A simple white jersey with a Chinese inspired neck and a subtle dragon pattern across the canvas looks like something you could wear anywhere. When compared to other designs, it gives the impression something is missing, but analyzed just by itself, it is a very solid looking uniform.





The criticism around Fnatic’s simplistic design is heard loud and clear, however, “less is more” definitely applies to this collection. It’s aesthetically pleasing, the linework is flattering, and the matching face mask is a plus. The jacket seems to have a snug fit for the sleeves, which is a big plus for gaming. A neon lime version will also be released soon, featuring the same design work.


LPL Teams


In partnership with Nike, the LPL has standardized the jersey designs for this year’s season. For Worlds 2020, all four Chinese teams shared a discreet yet adorned jersey model, with a light pattern and oversized logo in the front, followed by a swoosh on the right upper chest and emblems on the frontal bottom left. 


The design favored Suning and JDG’s logos the most, making their jerseys more distinguishable, while LGD and TES’s logos have gotten a bit dull in the patterns.


The not particularly incredible...




In a collaboration with PUMA, Gen.G has launched a jersey designed by celebrity designer Heron Preston. The design hits very 50/50 with a clean design for the front, but a strange design choice for the back. The white and gold star-speech-bubble-things look like they have been approved straight from the mockup.


MAD Lions


MAD Lions had a merchandise upgrade when they signed with Kappa in the Summer Split. Seeing the Worlds jersey have only two main colors has taken away from the magic created by the blue contrast in their previous design. The yellow pattern has a flattering curve to it, but the jersey seems to lack a little flair.



FlyQuest had an incredible concept to go with their #Worldquest campaign. When comparing the jersey design to other teams, FLY’s looks amateur. The brush strokes look overly simplistic and unrefined, and the black outline on the flowers looks too overpowering when compared to everything else in the design.




Jersey aside, their recently launched Worlds 2020 collection has a much more sophisticated look. The bomber looks FLY, no pun intended, and the lotus cap looks more graceful with the light outlines.

Honorable Mention



Excel Esports was a little bit far into making it to Worlds this year, but looking at this fan-made jersey, you would wish they were part of the championship.



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