[Worlds 2020] SUP GBM: "Our biggest strength is that there’s no “normal” player."

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On the 26th, Papara SuperMassive had a perfect day, winning both games in the play-ins of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Starting off with a win against INTZ, they also took down LEC fourth seed MAD Lions. With a 2-0 record, they are at the top of their group. After their win against MAD Lions, Papara SuperMassive coach Lee “GBM” Chang-seok joined Park Jee-sun for an interview. 



It’s a smooth day with two straight wins. How do you feel?


Up to now is how I predicted, so I consider it natural. I’m happy that everything is going as I planned. (So everything’s planned?) Yes, up to now. [Laughs]

You’re really confident in this interview. The video of you being confident also went viral. Seeing SuperMassive perform today makes me understand. What’s the biggest strength of SuperMassive?


Our biggest strength is that there’s no “normal” player in the team. Everyone just enjoys playing the game, so we don’t get pressured. The mindset we have is that if we win, we’re happy because we won, if we lose, we’re happy that we’re going home. So we don’t get nervous.

Do you give any advice before the games?


At this point, there isn’t much that I can change through feedback, so I prioritize mindsets. I do my best to reduce the pressure the players feel. For example, it’s the first Worlds for our mid laner. I just tell him to do as he wants to do. If we lose, we just go home. If there are mistakes from before, I just give feedback on that, telling them to be careful.

I went by you in the waiting room several times earlier today. You were shooting some video content and asked me to say “Like and subscribe”. Could you share what you’re making?


I’ve been uploading content on GBM TV. There’s content that’s helpful to many users to raise their tiers. The next content would be Worlds videos, analyses, solo queue, etc. Please like and subscribe GBM TV!

I’ll look forward to your next content. Lastly, you’re on a great streak. How are your resolutions towards reaching the group stage?


I’m about 80% sure that we’re there. As for our match against Team Liquid, if I just prepare the picks and bans well, we’ll be able to win. We’re going well with the compositions we prepared. We played at least thirty games with the same compositions we played today. We’re that confident.

Then if SuperMassive loses to Team Liquid, is it because of your picks and bans?


Yeah, well, in that case, I’ll say it would be my fault. [Laughs]

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