[Worlds 2020] LGC Topoon: "We have many off-meta picks."

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September 25 was the first day of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Play-ins. Legacy Esports of Australia (OCL) had a successful debut by defeating INTZ. Legacy Esports top laner Kim “Topoon” Ji-hoon had a successful debut, playing Camille. After the match, he joined Park Jee-sun for a brief interview.



Congratulations on the win. Can you introduce yourself?


Hi, I’m the top laner of Legacy Esports, Kim Ji-hoon.

How did you name yourself? Is it top from top lane and 'oon' from hoon?


Yes, I play in top lane, and my name is hoon, so I put it together: Topoon.

It was your first Worlds match. Weren’t you nervous?


I was really nervous so I missed Camille’s E six times. There was an issue with the key setting as well, so it’s really fortunate that we won.

What was the issue?


If you press the ~ key, you can click only champions, but if I pressed that button, the mouse right-click didn’t work. That caused some problems.

You’re called the best top laner in Australia and had a successful Worlds debut. What do you think about those evaluations?


Frankly, I think it’s just because the Australian top laner pool is really small.

Many fans are watching. A word to those who watch?


We have many off-meta picks. If you keep that in mind when you watch us, you’ll have a lot more fun watching.

Could you give us any hints without leaking your strats?


Our mid lane often plays unconventional picks.

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