Seraphine could be coming to League of Legends soon


In the latest League of Legends champion roadmap, Riot Games discussed bringing new champions to the Summoner’s Rift. With a new support and mid laner left for the year, Seraphine might be a playable champion very soon.


With the objective to release six new champions each year, aiming for one for each position (mid lane as the one exception which would receive one mage and one melee champion) Riot Games has released the newest ADC, Samira, a melee mid laner Yone, the jungler fawn Lillia, and top laner daddy Sett.

In order to fulfill the promised quota, Riot still needs to release a support champion and a mid lane mage. Teasing about summoners becoming “fans” of champions, “hanging posters on their walls” or “play their theme song on repeat”, the update hinted towards a certain Piltover and Zaun rising star. Is it Seraphine?


With the recent K/DA comeback, a lot of attention has been brought to the rookie artist Seraphine, who shares her daily life and rise to stardom on  IRL social media channels. The mundane life of Seraphine has taken a turn from working her 9-5 as a barista while busking during her time off, to get a collaboration with the biggest K-Pop group in Runeterra.


The thumbnail depicted in the article shows a crowd cheering and far too many female background characters with the same hair color Seraphine has. That screams fandom. On top of that, we can see what it seems to be a sequined skirt, or sleeve of some sort, worthy of a pop-star.


Look at those sequins. Look at the fans coloring their hairs! Source: Riot Games


Seraphine’s abilities have been data-mined by PixelButts while breaking down code in Wild Rift, who found that the champion is a mage with shield and healing capabilities. Her passive abilities give her the capability of casting abilities twice in a row, and when she uses abilities near allies, she gets musical notes that boost her damage, attack range, and stacked damage for the next attack.



Her kit allows her to protect and heal her teammates, while her Q deals magic damage in a specific area of the map. Her W shields all allies nearby on top of boosting their movement speed, and her E deals magic damage on enemies while it slows them down, but if the enemies are already slow, they will be rooted instead. Her ultimate deals magic damage, charming enemies for four seconds, and increasing in range if she is accompanied by a teammate.


“She might convert you into an instant mega-fan. I hope you’re all ready to crowd around her and cheer along!”, said the developing team.



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