Everything we know about Overwatch 2: Release date, heroes, and gameplay

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The exciting information leak that Overwatch 2 will be released in 2020 appeared on PlayStation Brazil’s official Twitter account. Shortly after, the tweet was deleted and Blizzard Entertainment did not comment on the leak. To what extent this announcement is true is still unknown. During BlizzCon 2019, Overwatch 2 devs could not tell reporters even the approximate release date – Jeff Kaplan only confirmed that the release would not take place anytime soon.

This is not the first source that has suggested Overwatch 2 would be released in late 2020. Earlier, the French online store Fnac added a page with the second part of the shooter, which indicated that the game would be released in December 2020. Game Rant posted that the game won't be released earlier than 2021. So that's something we'll still have to sit through. It's coming, though (unlike HL3), so tighten your seatbelts for juicy and, yes, confirmed info.


How is Overwatch 2 different from Overwatch?

First and foremost, many people thought Overwatch 2 would be just an add-on or update to Overwatch. Nope, this is a whole separate game! Creator Jeff promised a lot of new characters, and we'll tell you right away that all characters from Overwatch will be available for you in Overwatch 2. Also, all skins from Overwatch will carry over to Overwatch 2, so you don't have to worry about skins you saved up for being wasted in your newly bought game.
Your characters won't be wearing default skins when you transition from Overwatch to Overwatch 2. If the player decides to move from the first part to the second, they don't lose anything. All progress is transferred to the sequel, including all skins, character lines, graffiti, etc. Following the completion of Overwatch 2, the studio will continue to create new content for Overwatch. The developers have already confirmed that the sequel will have a multiplayer mode, so characters in the two games will appear simultaneously.


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What are the new heroes in Overwatch 2?

The first confirmed character is Sojourn. Sojourn is a fundamental character, and since Blizzard really cares about rich details and gameplay mechanics, they chose to perfect Sojourn instead of just adding the character to check off boxes in terms of hero diversity.

The second new character will be Echo, whom you saw in the trailer. Echo is a flying robot with highly developed artificial intelligence, which can transform into any enemy character and use all their skills. Even after transforming, the hero glows, so you won't be able to confuse her with someone else. Another new hero joining the ranks is Paris Officer Girl, who was not afraid of the invasion we saw in the official cinematic trailer. She behaved with dignity and protected the Parisians.

Interface and visuals

Another change is the interface. It looks completely different: somehow, more minimalistic, which you can also see in the available screenshots of any gameplay on the Internet. The interface has changed so much that sometimes it seems like it's an entirely different game.
The characters are also all different. Some of them have become smoother and tauter, while Reinhardt now has a full head of hair.

Overwatch 2 gameplay

About PvE: Blizzard will be adding a ton of content! The Overwatch team will face and battle AI-controlled enemies (bots) in PvE missions at new locations, as well as some old locations players already know from the original game.

In Overwatch 2, you'll upgrade each of the heroes with the talent tree to choose from. This will be possible only for PvE, as was reiterated during BlizzCon. Tracer, when attaching a mine to one enemy, clings to all nearby, and they are blasted. Genji, instead of running around and cutting everyone into sausage, throws a circular wave in front of him and massively removes opponents. Mei freezes all nearby opponents during Cryo-Freeze, which also looks quite severe. Reinhardt throws a shock wave in a large radius along the ground, which also smears everyone. In short, each of the abilities aims to disable as many bots as possible.

Some of the abilities in PvE combine characters in a special way: Rein and Brigitte will have a common barrier with greater strength and size. You could also see this in the trailer during the attack on Paris. It is there that Rein and Brigitte put up a common shield. It even temporarily blocks the laser from the giant robot. We think this will be their common talent at one of the levels.
The lore of Overwatch 2

A tremendous amount of lore is being pumped into Overwatch 2. Lore will be portioned and served through PvE content: when the characters are talking to each other in between missions, discussing the battlefield situation, for example, so you will have the opportunity to watch and listen to all this. Considering that Overwatch fans love the lore of this game, this is a super addition to get even more infused with the characters, get to know their background and feel their emotions.

New locations and push Mode

New co-op PvE missions will take place on new maps in Rio de Janeiro, Monte Carlo, Toronto, and Gothenburg. Most likely, there will be another new location, but its name has not yet been revealed.
Another super awesome thing is a new mode called Push, explicitly made for PvP: A robot pushes a load in one direction if one of the teams is near it. The second team, however, can force the robot to push in the other direction. Each of the teams' task is to capture the robot and bring it to the enemy base. The winner is the team that has advanced much further into enemy territory.



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