7 ways video gaming can improve creative writing skills

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Everyone understands how trendy virtual learning is today. When people realized that the old educational model was falling apart even before the lock-down of 2020, they started to look for new opportunities to get a degree. As you know, there are so many writing tasks in college. However, the hobby of video games can actually be beneficial in dealing with homework easily.

You would ask: “How can I combine playing video games and writing?” There’s more than one answer! In our article, we want to share seven ways the video gaming industry proposes to improve the general learning process and positively impact creative writing.


1. Freedom to learn and play

If you want to improve your creative writing skills, visit ODEA (Online Digital Education Academy). This is the first online gaming platform that helps students pass a course through a simulation game. ODEA developer, Brian Maxfield, created this concept in 2019 by starting a pilot semester at Lambton College. By experiencing interactive gaming, you can get a degree in the foundations of business.

One of the most significant benefits is the ultimate availability. You can apply to ODEA no matter where you are located. ODEA’s students also don’t need to ask their peers, “please, write my essays,” because the learning system is designed to break the stereotypes. Only you are responsible for your result!


2. New inspirational source

The subject of gamification in the studying process is viewed more positively by scientists today. Many neuro-researches show that people who explore this world in the gaming model can generate a topic idea simpler than a non-player. It can be easily explained by the world-as-a-game perception, and game players who learn don’t take homework too seriously.

Some people find games distracting, but this is just because of the ignorance towards using it correctly. On the other hand, it is more positive than negative items because many students are tense. This is the reason they can’t manage writing and have a lack of inspiration.


3. A way to relax

Students often feel that education is stressful. Playing video games such as Counter-Strike or Rocket League can help you escape into an imaginary world and relieve stress. Struggles with anger or anxiety are not unheard of with students and therefore, gaming is a perfect method to concentrate on less stressful things.

You can control your emotions and start essay-writing quickly. Keep your mental well-being stable and project your creativity into efficient research.


4. Independence

If you have access to video games, you can always feel competition without visiting extra workshops. When people have to keep up social distancing, it is challenging to participate in a masterclass offline. Anyway, video games can give you additional freedom that can be useful in essay writing.

Games train your confidence, as well. You don’t need to worry about getting bad grades anymore. A video game can teach you to deal with losing and focus on trying again and again. All you need is a computer or gaming system, and often, a strong Internet connection.


5. Communicative skills

When playing popular games such as League of Legends or Dota 2, students can contact like-minded people. You can follow someone’s stream or start your own. It will help you get new ideas on tactics and strategies and also the possibility to meet new friends in this environment.

Contact them to discuss your out-of-game activities. Many smart people on the other side of the wire can assist you in writing. Learning to communicate through games helps to develop flexibility. It is an essential skill when you need to write creatively.


6. Time-management

Sometimes, non-players think that gamers are addicted to playing. It is a total myth! As practice tells, everyone who has various tasks can manage their studying hours easily. Students who play video games are no exception.

As every essay writing task has a deadline, every game has a final mission you need to accomplish. Gaming can be like a gym for your brain in various fields of life and time-management as well.

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