Will Valorant Be Able to Zero Out CS:GO?

Some people think that Valorant by Riot Games will destroy Counter-Strike by Valve. But it is naive to claim that anything may kill Valve’s creation.

Counter-Strike is not only a leading esports discipline that attracts millions of dollars a year, but it is also supported by its own fan base. So, the two games are pretty different to exist independently from each other. 

Counter-Strike Survived Everything

The professional Overwatch gamer XQC knows it better than others. During his stream, he noticed that Counter-Strike has gone through «genre changes», battle royal popularity, and even scandals. If this did not kill it, how can any other game do it?

«Is it possible that Valorant will not be successful without CS?» asks XQC. It may for sure. This is the answer XQC gave to those who claimed that Valorant would kill Counter-Strike. Valve’s creation has too vast fan base to die so easily. 

Unfortunately for Counter-Strike fans, the release of Valorant affected the amount of CS:GO players significantly. Since the moment of its release, Valorant has stolen around 500000 active players, but it is still obscure whether the games that switched to Valorant would come back later. CS:GO often goes through a decline in the number of players when other major games are released, so their return maybe not a question of if but when. Nevertheless, 800000 CS:GO gamers on average is not a small number, and the current amount of gamers is more than the game had when it was launched. 

The fact is that Counter-Strike is pure experience. There are no classes or abilities. Players like this purity. If anything was different, the game would not be able to break the record of new Steam gamers 19 years later.

Valorant has abilities and classes like in Overwatch. Some gamers do not want a game with the significant role of experience and skills to have any additional abilities. Those who like pure experience will stay with Counter-Strike. And there will be no death for the franchise.

During a current stream, Shroud, the former professional Counter-Strike gamer, was asked whether he believed that Valorant would destroy the game where he made a name for himself.

«Do you think Valorant will outdo CS?»  – «Hmm, possibly», answered the Canadian player.

The former Cloud 9 member noticed that competition is certainly a good thing for CS:GO taking into account the fact that Valve will have to release updates constantly to try to prevent the gamers switching to the opponent.

The biggest change, according to Shroud, will be a jump to Source 2 which has already been stated in numerous reports and insider’s leaks.

Whether Valorant will be able to catch up with CS:GO at every point or not: you will have to just wait and see it for yourself.

Valve’s game which has celebrated 8 years of existence this year has been going through a kind of renaissance lately making records all the time (e.g. a record of the number of online players) and getting new updates that satisfy old requests of its players.


Find a list of player rankings and stats at: https://egamersworld.com/valorant/players

Valorant May Exist Beside Other Games

Calling Valorant a murder of Counter-Strike means discrediting the work Valve put in the competitive shooter. This phrase implies the fact that the gamer will not be able to withstand against future competitors which is stupid to think sue to the growth of popularity of the game in the last two decades.

People are likely to play both of the games.

Dota 2 and League of Legends exist together. Temtem and Pokemons exist together. These two games will also be able to exist together.

XQC also predicts that Overwatch will be all right. And also he attached those who gave up the team shooter by Blizzard and switched to Valorant. He says that they will look like cowards when they come back.


Find up to date Valorant tournaments and matches at: https://egamersworld.com/valorant/latest

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