[Worlds 2020] Korean fans react to groups draw: "Why does it feel like G2 always gets lucky?"

Source: Riot Games


Before the draw

They shouldn’t be there if they can’t reach the semifinals.

ㄴ Whatever team that doesn’t reach the semis should return swimming.


What do you think will happen faster, Faker winning his 4th Worlds title vs LCS winning Worlds?

ㄴ Both won’t happen.

ㄴㄴ This year’s NA is different



Remember last year, when Jiizuke did his work?

ㄴ All groups were insane last year.

ㄴ Just hoping LCK teams get easy groups

ㄴㄴ LCK sucks. No group would be easy for LCK.

After the draw

Groups A and B

ㄴ Nuguri LOL

ㄴ Why does it feel like G2 always gets lucky?


Meanwhile, in group C…

ㄴTSM in there again

ㄴ All the teams would be thinking the same thing

ㄴㄴ LGD is going there. It’s going to be the closest.

Remember in 2018… No group is easy

ㄴ Same thing could happen to Gen.G

ㄴ LMAO That was legendary


Pyosik’s dream came true

ㄴ What’s this?

ㄴㄴ Pyosik is telling Knight that he wants to shake his hand at Worlds

ㄴㄴ This was back when Pyosik was a streamer


The hottest matchup: Chovy vs Knight

ㄴ Another one is Doublelift vs Rekkles


Three groups, three faces

ㄴ If Gen.G doesn’t pass groups…

Let’s add a group E with T1, C9, IG, and FPX

ㄴ That group is going to be the scariest

ㄴ Five world championships in one group


Group B teams would be like, “Oh, f**k”

ㄴ Two teams meaning “Oh, f**k, we might get out of groups in second place” and one team really meaning it

ㄴㄴ Meanwhile, all three teams in Group C’s like, “Hey, we can make it through”


G2 never changes

ㄴROFL They’re already making fun of Rogue

ㄴI mean, it's true, right? LMAO


Rogue top laner’s reaction

ㄴ He’s Rogging out

ㄴ LOL Understandable, he has to face Nuguri and Zoom

ㄴㄴ Out to face KR best top and CN best top


Group C is nuts!

ㄴ Group B seemed to be the death group, but the more you look at it, it’s actually group C

ㄴ Yeah, there’ll be the most variables


Fortuneteller Lee Ji-hoon (Lee Ji-hoon is Gen.G’s general manager - Ed.)



ㄴ Dark-veil-hoon strikes again...


ADC triforce in group C

ㄴ The father, the boyfriend, and the brother

ㄴ Where's Kramer?

ㄴㄴ He's not at this level yet


TES DRX FLY MAD are you kidding me?

ㄴ If DRX can’t make it in 2nd place here, they can’t make it to 2nd in any other group

ㄴ Whoever makes it through, the real hell begins from the quarterfinals

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