MVP ADD: "My goal is to be considered as a powerhouse rather than an underdog."

On March 2nd (KST), MVP defeated Longzhu Gaming with a 2-0 record. Although the MVP was given to Kyuseok "Beyond" Kim in the first game with a consecutive Baron steal and Junhyung "Ian" Ahn in the second game for an impressive Ahri play, it wouldn't have been possible without Gunmo "ADD" Kang standing in front and taking one for the team.

Here is our interview with Gunmo "ADD" Kang.


Congratulations on your win today! How are you feeling right now?

We've lost against LZ with a 1-2 record, and it would have been bad for our chance to get into the playoffs if we were to lose again. I think we are a step ahead of LZ and closer to playoffs now that we have defeated them.

Although Kyuseok "Beyond" Kim has stolen the Baron twice, it must have been terrible when LZ have stolen the Baron first.

I don't remember exactly, but our plan for that Baron was for me to push LZ's Rengar away and take the Baron with ease. Unfortunately, I couldn't deal with him on time, so Rengar managed to steal it. I later jokingly said that it was a good motivation for Beyond to steal the Baron twice in a row.

You did very well with Gragas today.

My original plan was to pull Jhin or Ryze towards us with Explosive Cask. However, I realized that it wouldn't work against Longzhu, so I decided to push LZ's Maokai and Rengar away from our DPS champions on the fly. That's also why I tanked Jhin's Curtain Call and pushed Ryze away from us. They were not planned in advance, but they worked well nonetheless.

It feels like MVP have improved a lot - especially on macromanagement.

We changed our shotcalling method. Although Jongbin "Max" Jung plans more ahead, we all do shotcalling on our own during teamfights. Our macro has improved a lot, and I'm sure doing more scrims and practices must have helped a lot.

Why did you choose to play with top Rengar?

I did some research after Rengar and Camille has been nerfed. I gave up on Maokai because I thought it will fall out of favor, but I actually had good results with Rengar. However, it wasn't a good day for my Rengar because the teamfights were mainly tower dives and head-on combat and not disorganized. However, I think I tanked well enough. (Laughs)

How is top Rengar different from other toplaners?

It was a pick specifically prepared for Longzhu's Bontaek "Expession" Koo. Expession is a veteran, so I thought he would do well laning against Nautilus and Maokai. I'm sure he faced against a top Rengar before, but I don't think he would have faced against the reworked Rengar.

It seems that you do better with an unconventional champion.

I think we are more used to playing with unconventional champions. I have played with Maokai quite a bit before, but my decision-making wasn't suitable for Maokai, so I decided to change. Meta picks will eventually fall out of favor over time, so I'm sure it will work out better for me when they do.

What are your thoughts on your next opponent, bbq Olivers?

We've played against each other quite a few times before, so I think we know each other pretty well. Although I believe that the team who are in better shape on that day will win, I'm feeling pretty good about the match.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything that you want to share?

I always thought that I have improved over time, and I'm content that I have constantly showed at least a slow but steady improvement. However, I realized that I have a long way to go after watching the Telecom Derby. I think we just got lucky when we defeated KT. So, my goal is to be considered as a powerhouse rather than an underdog.

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