Riot Games shares that League of Legends will have almost 140 skins this year


Riot Games has issued a new developer update, this time, with a focus on skins and events in League of Legends. With the commitment to increase the amount of skins released each year, the developers have released nearly 120 just in 2020, believing by the end of the year, the number will approximate 140.


Part of this initiative included servicing champions that had a significantly smaller amount of skins and attention over the years, including Ornn and Skarner, who just got brand new looks added to the shop. 




For the upcoming cosmetic goals, Riot has included champions like Anivia, Aurelion Sol (the least played champion in League of Legends), Azir, Zac, Singed and more. On top of giving a fresh new look to the less fortunate champions, the developer team will also be including new skins for higher play rate champions, like Lee Sin’s Legendary skin, with the aesthetics of a legendary dragonmancer.


Aurelion Sol
Lee Sin


Diving into the skins versus sales performance, Riot Games mentioned that while popular champions will see about ten times more sales than least popular champions, they still intend to show support for their audience who are dedicated to playing specific champions.


The developer team mentioned new themes are in the way. This year we have been introduced to a new world, Spirit Blossom, which had astronomic success in the League of Legends community. With a revitalization of PsyOps and Mecha Kingdoms, the visual team will be focusing on more unique designs, including the Dragonmancer series. On top of new themes, more legendary skins and an ultimate skin will be released in the future.




With the success of the Spirit Blossom event and unique experience, the League of Legends team will be looking for ways to implement this sort of work for certain events, but not every single one of them. They admit the complexity of such a campaign required a lot of effort from the development team throughout almost an entire year.

Event passes will be going through a makeover, making the rewards and content earned by players after grinding through an event more rewarding. “Our goals for this redesign are to reduce the complexity of the system and create a more guided and rewarding experience without completely removing your ability to make choices”, said Riot Games’ Production Director on League of Legends, Jonathan Belliss.

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