Signature Force: The new Nation Hero upgrade system in Exos Heroes


The recent release of the new Season 2 update brought a lot of new content that will definitely keep players busy for a long time to fully unlock all the additional features. The most notable new feature for hero growth, Signature Force, has been added as a mechanic to provide major stat and damage increases to heroes that fall under a specific Nation.


This new growth system, while used with the buffs provided by the new Core Memory system and blue Fatecores will transcend heroes of a specific Nation to unprecedented levels. While it does provide a significant upgrade to your roster, it does come at a high cost.

This is definitely an end game goal to grind for as it will not only allow you to clear all PVE content with ease, but also give your roster a major competitive advantage in PVP. Let's review the Signature Force system and the requirements to fully utilize all it’s features.


Signature Force by nation

Signature Force is currently only available for Estoris Republic


This new upgrade will be specific to heroes that fall under the six major Nations currently in-game including Lenombe, Green Land, Estoris Republic, Wasted Red, North von Frosty, and new season 2 Nation Brunn. Under each Nation there is a representative hero that will be the main resource used for unlocking the Signature Force upgrades. As seen in the screenshot above, these representative heroes are the six main generals, Rachel, Bathory, Jinai, Garff, Shufraken, and Dorka.

As of now, the only available Nations for this feature include Estoris Republic, North Von Frosty, and Brunn. Due to the Signature Force enhancements being Nation specific, the upgrade effects for each apply only to the units that fall under the corresponding Nation recruit found in the Door of Creation as seen below.

Only heroes from the respective nation’s exodium recruit, in the Door of Creation, will receive the benefits of Signature Force



As mentioned above, the Signature Force requires rate fated heroes as resources to unlock the upgrades. However, this requirement is meant as an end game feature as it provides upgrades that vastly improve all heroes under the specific Nation. In addition, it provides a significant stat boost to specific dated units that fall under each Nation. Currently, only levels 1 and 2 of the 4 upgrade levels are available within the Signature Force upgrade menu.


The requirements for each level become more stringent as well. For example, the first two upgrades at level 1 requires a +1 transcended hero and level 2 requires a +2 transcended hero. A summary of what each level provides is below:

Signature Force upgrades are only available up to level 2, all upgrades are standard across all unlocked nations.


As you can see above, the stat increases provided to all heroes under their respective Nation are significant, up to a 45% increase currently. In addition, 2 specific fated heroes receive an additional defense and health increase. Lastly, the upgrades also add additional elemental damage that varies by Nation; this upgrade alone can be a meta shifting upgrade at high level PVP given its mechanic.


Huge elemental damage enhancement



The first Signature Force enhancement available for all unlocked nations provides additional damage based on the amount of mana consumed. As you can see above, this first upgrade requires a single transcended Jinai as a resource to be consumed in order to unlock this enhancement. That means you have to be lucky enough to ideally summon 3 Jinais so you can keep 1 and transcend the others to use as material for this upgrade.

At level 2, this will require a +2 transcended representative hero while providing a higher damage multiplier. While this may seem like a steep requirement, Season 2 brought Scout and Nation recruitment to make it easier for players to obtain the rare fated units required for Signature Force. Note, this is meant as an end game grind and will not be accessible to early game players.

The benefit of this enhancement may seem underwhelming at first glance, but do not be fooled. This enhancement alone may be the best upgrade to your heroes as it is the easiest to obtain and essentially allows all damage dealing units to provide burst type damage. Burst damage skills increases damage by near 15% per mana consumed and this enhancement is no different.

Also, since it adds damage based on the amount of mana consumed, the damage is calculated after the initial hit. Why is this significant in the current meta? This extra damage will hit after transcendence is removed. Currently only First Guardians and final hit damage dealers are able to snipe a unit after removing a tranquil mark, but this will allow any unit to provide that one-shot ability provided they do enough damage to remove tranquil.

This will allow players to use fast units like FC Deva or rare units like Deradan to snipe enemy teams with Bathory!


Huge stat increases to Nation Heroes


The remaining enhancements of the Signature Force tree provides significant stat increases to all heroes under the nation selected and additionally to fated heroes within that nation. As you can see in the screenshot above, each upgrade requires completion of the previous enhancement. Additionally, level 1 provides a 15% increase to attack, defense, and HP.

If you are able to reach level 2, stats increase by an additional 30% giving a total 45% enhancement which is a huge increase. This kind of increase to the base stats of your heroes will allow any players to dominate any PVE content and also provide very competitive teams for Tag arena weeks.


The 3rd and 4th steps of each level provides additional HP and Defense bonuses to heroes under each nation. Currently, these fated units can be further enhanced.


Jinai and Jinn can be further enhanced through Estoris Republic’s Signature Force!


  1. Estoris Republic - Jinai/Jinn (Level 1) and Shell (Level 2)
  2. North von Frosty - Shufraken/Valentina (Level 1) and Ramge (Level 2)
  3. Brunn - Dorka (Level 1) and Neomi/Kylock (Level 2)


Now that you have read this overview of the new national Signature Force enhancement system, it would be wise to start utilizing the new recruitment systems. The only way to unlock the full potential of Signature Force is to save and feed duplicate copies of the rare fated heroes, which will take a very long time to complete.


That said, the enhancements provided are definitely worth the investment, especially at level 1. Good luck on your next summon sessions and start saving for your Signature Force upgrades! 



*all images courtesy of Exos Heroes*


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