[Source] T1 LS? LCK Global caster LS sought after by multiple teams from several regions

Source: LS' Instagram


On September 8, Inven Global was reached out by a credible source that the color caster for the LCK global broadcast, Nicholas “LS” De Cesare, has been approached with numerous offers from different LoL organizations from NA, EU, China, and Korea.


LS is a leading figure in the League of Legends community and wears many hats. Not only is he currently a caster for the LCK Global broadcast, but he also has a massive streaming career on Twitch. Currently contracted by Counter Logic Gaming, LS averages over 30,000 viewers for his LCS  and LCK co-streams, with viewership peaks of over 45,000.


One of the reasons credited for this high viewership is his renowned status as a coach in the LoL scene. He’s been approached by a large amount of League of Legends pro players, to whom he’s offered guidance over many years of his career. His latest coaching tenure with the pro team bbq Olivers also marked the first time in LoL esports history where a Korean organization fielded a western coach. 


LS has also been very vocal in regards to various strategic aspects in professional League of Legends, where his innovative approach in itemization, lane manipulation, among others, have always been the talk within the community.


The source confirmed to Inven Global that LS has been approached by two different Korean organizations, one of which being T1 Sports & Entertainment. Although LS already has the experience working with a Korean organization, the offers from Korea still remain the most intriguing, as the region has continuously remained almost entirely closed off to foreign talent.



Inven Global reached out to LS about the matter, and while he neither confirmed nor denied that he will be heading to T1, he commented that he’s “intending to meet with [T1 CEO] Joe Marsh while he’s in Korea.”

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